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August 12, 2017 18:06

Renovation of the hall in the apartment and the house .Where to start repair of the hall

Hall - central room in the apartment.Therefore, when it comes about the repair of the hall in the apartment, you must carefully consider the range of colors, materials, furniture.It is important to not only choose a quality finish, but also to create the room a harmonious interior.

Repair small hall .A photo

Repair small hall.Photo

Where to start?

make repairs in the room is not an easy job.To approach such work should be wisely and responsibly.

first aspect - colors.Palette indoors will depend inter alia on its size.For a small living room is better to choose light colors.Suit shades of beige, yellow tones.

To make the room as comfortable and add warmth to the design include decorative items from natural materials, such as straw or wood.

How to make repairs in the room with your hands?What kind of finishing materials there for the audience?What are some ideas for the re

pair of the hall?These are the questions we try to answer

The hall reception room zoning can be used.This effect is achieved due to the play of light, the use of different building materials and furniture grouping objects.If space allows, in the same room plan different areas: for work, leisure and so on.

Priority repair hall

set for ourselves the future plan of the hall, begin preparation of the premises.Renovation of the hall in the apartment in the following sequence:

  • dismantling of the old finish;
  • alignment of the walls;
  • finishing the ceiling;
  • device flooring;
  • wall decoration.

In the first stage of repair to cope with the dusty operations.First, you remove the wallpaper from the surface of the walls.Walls must be completely cleaned of wallpaper fragments, otherwise they will act through the new layer of finish and to make repairs have room again.You can do this in two ways.

  • first more affordable and yet effective - the wallpaper moisten with water.The adhesive can not withstand high humidity, therefore, easier to remove the finish on the surface.
  • second, more modern way - the wallpaper is removed using a special tool.The substance diluted in water in proportions specified on the package, and then sprayed onto the wall and left for a few minutes.

Clean walls need and when they applied whitewash.Its either erode or scraped from the surface.At this stage of repair work and ceiling cleaned of old finishing. learn how to wash whitewash from the ceiling we wrote

Recommendation : to skip phase alignment, if the deviation is less than 5 mm.Also, you can not align the surface, if the finishing selected thick wallpaper.They disguise all the shortcomings of the walls.

When one of the above methods have been eliminated earlier materials, start leveling plaster walls.The alternative - mounting drywall sheets.In its application the old wallpaper is not removed, the plasterboard is fixed directly on top of the finish.

As for finishing ceiling chosen paint or whitewash, work really cope with their own hands.Composition applied to the prepared surface by brush or spray.It is recommended to cover the ceiling of several layers of paint, to avoid the appearance of gaps.Other available finishes - a wallpaper or foam plates.

However, these are not all the possible options.On sale is hanging ceilings.Working with Data expensive materials requires skills and experience.Therefore, for the repair of the hall with his hands better to stay on the paint or tile.To arrange costly ceilings, should be invited professionals.From the quality of the work depends on both exterior finish and its durability.For ceiling devices are a lot of materials.You can create a smooth ceiling and cover with an original ornament or made in unusual color combinations.Stretch ceiling in the room is the best need to remove the old finishing materials when mounting tension ceiling.Another advantage of suspended ceilings in the hall, is the fact that it is perfectly flat.

After removing old coatings, but before papering the walls perform floor repair.Please update the tie, then leveled base coating placed selection: linoleum, parquet or tiles.If during the planned repair device of warm floors, this type of work should be carried out before applying the screed.

final stage of repair

When fully completed work on the repair of the ceiling and the floor, you can start to decorate the walls.The modern market and there are a variety of materials.Buying decoration materials, should take into account features of the room: its dimensions, the interior color palette, styles, and the family budget.Another noteworthy factor - the personal preferences of tenants.Invaluable assistance in the design of the interior of the hall will have advice of professional designers.