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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to begin to repair the apartment.How to make a repair plan

  • What do you want to receive as a result of repair?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on repairs of the apartment?
  • Where and how to buy construction materials to repair?
  • As rasprededit responsibilities for the repair?
  • Where do the repair in the first place?

Where to begin repairs in the apartment

Photo 1 - How to start repairs in the apartment

Sooner or later the repair is required in any apartment.There are several main types of repair: cosmetic , major , repair and redevelopment .And what are you going to do repairs?This decision will depend on all your further actions.

Action Plan for the planning of repairs

once start -repair - kvartiry8 - What do you want to get as a result?

Before you start active actions, good look through specialized literature, walk through the site, shows the beautiful interiors.A particularly useful section of the interiors of apartments.There you will see the real interiors made not by professional designers and construction crews, and by the owners of apart


Once in mind all desire will develop into a real picture, take a pencil, paper and draws your apartment in scale.This must be done in order to properly imagine a future alteration and calculate the material requirements.

- Finance.How much money are you willing to spend on repairs?

Where to start repair .Financial issue

Photo 2 - Where to start repair.Financial issue

If you have not decided in advance with the amount required to repair, make a preliminary calculation of costs.But in any case, feel free to increase it by about half.Never gets clearly calculate the expenditure side.

Do not forget that in addition to the main finishing materials (tiles, wallpaper, laminate), there are also auxiliary (glue, cement, substrate).You have to pay for the work of experts and incidental expenses.

exception is a situation where you hire to repair construction team.Typically, this is done during overhaul.Then you sign a contract with the performers and finished accurate estimate.

- Purchase of consumables for the repair

Where to buy building materials When you pinpoint a new look flat on paper, begin purchasing materials.You have already calculated the need for them, but be sure to consider the backlog.That required a minimum of materials, which will go to fit or damage in the course of work (anything can happen).So that you do not have to run around looking for a pair of tiles or laminate of several boards.It happens that the party is already sold, and is difficult to perfectly match the right color or structure of the material.

Where to buy?Today, quite a few places where the trade in building and finishing materials.Do you want to save, you will have to run and look.The habit of thinking that the market or the Internet cheaper, is not relevant.Huge supermarkets often hold sales and promotions.There the goods may be cheaper than the market.

Council.If all love to touch and inspect, the purchase of real materials in shops and markets.If you only need to describe or do you know the real appearance and quality of the material, then buy on the Internet - shops.They can be ordered and delivery.Often, depending on the volume, it can be free.All are saving!

- The division of responsibilities in the repair of apartments

If you decide:

  • change windows,
  • install balcony frame,
  • entrance metal doors,
  • replace communication,
  • change wiring,
  • properly align the wall,
  • make screed and floor soundproofing, put warm floor,
  • make the suspended ceiling,
  • lay bathroom tiles

Definitely call the professionals!The fact that the implementation of these works, the technology requires knowledge and experience.Besides, if you do something wrong, you will lose not only the expensive thing, but did not reach the desired result.And in the case of the wiring, the illiterate and the ignorance of the implementation of the basics of safety, may cause fire, damage to household appliances, and even injury.

But with wallpapering, laying laminate or linoleum, painting, replacement of interior doors, santehposudy and laying tiles in the work area in the kitchen - you can cope themselves.On the Internet, many useful lessons, seeing that you do the kind of work themselves.And yet, and save.

- Repairs in the apartment.What to do first?

Where to start repair .With repair in the first place

Photo 3 - Where to start repair.What repaired primarily

If the apartment renovating completely, then start with the dirtiest types of work.It - screed floor, leveling walls, laying tiles on the floor and walls, replacement of communications, wiring.

If you live in an apartment where there is a repair, do not bomb all at once.Make the room slowly.For example, full bathroom or kitchen.Move from the most bulky and dirty work to finishing finishing.

finishes Rules: ceiling, walls and floor - is not always appropriate.If you do not align the wall, and just glue the wallpaper?And the tension ceiling is going to do?That first glue the wallpaper, and then mount the ceiling.It all depends on the materials used.

In any case, make a plan of action step by step.And each item on separate graphs.In them, store the list of works, necessary materials, cost, and who will perform.So you do not get confused, and will be able to calculate costs correctly to buy materials, without making extra salable.

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