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August 12, 2017 18:06

Where to begin repairs in the apartment .How to distribute work properly

Sooner or later carried repairs in the apartment or house with their hands .So the question is: "How to start repair?" - Is very relevant, and his decision to come to seriously.

start repair.We are planning and thinking about future work

Photo 1 - Stages of repair of an apartment with his hands

Before proceeding to independent repair of apartment, you must first make a plan of the premises, marking the placement of furniture and equipment.Thus it will be possible to determine where they will be located outlets, ceiling fixtures, etc.This must be done in order to properly design the layout of pipes and wires.From that how well it will be carried out will depend on ease of use facilities in the future.

If I do not like the existing layout of the apartment, you should begin to repair it with the demolition of the walls or their construction.

  • How to make interior walls with their hands

Equally important is the style of the future premises, which can be the same for a

ll rooms or have fundamental differences.If it is difficult to decide on this issue, you can resort to the services of a designer who will take into account your preferences and particular apartment.

  • Various interiors of apartments

Well consider and weigh all the points you can proceed to the calculation of the amount of required materials and their acquisition.Repair work is best divided into stages, which would give the process of determining the target one.

Perform basic works of repair of apartments

begin to repair the so-called dirty work:

Stage One.Dismantling of old coatings

The first stage of repair - remove old wallpaper from the walls

Photo 2 - First stage of repair - remove old wallpaper from the walls

necessary to remove old wallpaper, whitewash, tiles and other finishing materials.If the floor does not come into complete disrepair, it is not to be touched.In the case where the replacement is not available, it should be correctly covered with plastic wrap and secure it edge masking tape.To protect the floor from mechanical damage is better to use cardboard, it is much more reliable than paper.

to the doors and windows are not the dust settles, the dismantling of the old doors are better left for later.It is only necessary to remove obnalichniki.

second stage.Electrical and plumbing

The second stage of repair - Stroebe walls under the wiring and pipes

Photo 3 - The second stage of repair - Stroebe walls under the wiring and pipes

This work is very dirty, but responsible.Transform such work then it will be very difficult, and sometimes impossible without a new overhaul.

remains to put the necessary wiring and pipe section, better propylene and carefully repaired Stroebe.

third stage of repair.Preparatory-installation

The third stage repair of an apartment - dismantle old windows and doors

photo 4 - The third stage repair of an apartment - dismantle old windows and doors

differs laborious, since it is now necessary to dismantle the old windows and install new ones.

Grout joints and cracks next step is to perform a rough finish, that is, to prepare the floor and ceiling to the finish trim.These works include:

  • Alignment walls;
  • Grout joints and cracks;
  • Shpatlevanie.

fourth stage of repair the apartment.Priming

The fourth stage repair of an apartment - all priming surfaces

Photo 5 - The fourth stage repair of an apartment - priming all surfaces

Application primer leads to the wall or ceiling much stronger .The primer composition includes components which have the ability to penetrate deep into the surface to be treated and to connect the fine particles.Now we need to wait for complete drying and can proceed to paint the ceiling.

Step Five.Leveling floor

Repair of apartments with their own hands .Stage floor leveling

Photo 6 - Repair of apartments with their own hands.Stage floor leveling

If the floor is old, then this step can be skipped.Otherwise, you need to pour the foundation of modern samovyrvnivayuschegosya solution or carry out work to the screed.Only when completely dry, you can move on to other jobs.

Step Six.Decorating the walls

The sixth stage of repair - finishing the walls in the apartment

Photo 7 - The sixth stage of repair - furnish walls in an apartment

Depending on your preferences and financial capabilities acquired material for the walls.You can pokleit wallpaper, which choice is vast, not only in color scheme, but also the material, texture, size.For example non-woven wallpaper.Plenty of options presupposes a painting, and decorative plaster.There are also more exotic finishes, it all depends on your desire and overall style of the room.

seventh stage repair of an apartment.Flooring

Repairs in the apartment.Stages of repair

It's time to start laying the floor covering.It can be used for this purpose: linoleum, laminate, carpet, piece parquet or more modern version - a parquet board and other materials.If the decision is to lay floor tiles, then its installation begin only after the completion of all work on the ceiling.

final stage repair their own hands

The last stage of repair - installation of interior doors

Photo 7 - The final stage of repair - installation of interior doors

Mounted door frames, sills, skirting boards, etc.At the same time going cabinets, arranged the furniture and decorations are added.

Now you need to conduct a thorough cleaning of all the rooms and you can enjoy the result.