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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of interior doors with their hands .Video guide

Doors are one of the most visible elements of the apartment.They have to be functional and aesthetically appealing.

Interior door photo

Photo 1 - interior door photo

interior door: tools and materials to install

to the installation process was successful, you must have:

  • screwdrivers, but you can use a screwdriver;
  • Hacksaw for wood and miter box;
    Mitre photo

    Photo 2 - Photo Mitre

  • Plumb and level;
  • Accessories;
  • Wedges and spacers made of wood;
  • chisel;
  • Screws;
  • Polyurethane foam.

preparatory phase installation of interior doors independently

Preparation consists in careful metering aperture sizes.It is necessary to select a suitable size door.

Measurements before installing interior door

Photo 3 - Measurements before installing interior door

also checks the vertical walls of the doorway, using the level.If this indicator is not perfect, it is necessary to align the surface.Otherwise, this may significantly skewed door and the violation of its functionality.

mounting features on the
ir own interior door

That interior door is properly installed, you can only speak in the event.When the web is fixed in any position.

To install the hinges need special screws with cuts to the head itself.under their hole should be 0.75% base diameter and have a slight offset to the carved groove.

Features installation of hinges on the door Photo

Photo 4 - Installation features hinges on the door Forto

When choosing accessories should be remembered that for manual tapping is better suited products which have a rectangular shape.If the circuit has a curvature, the sidebar perform with high accuracy is difficult.However, you can contact the experts who perform such work mechanically, using a special cutter.

when installing interior doors require at least minimal skills with carpentry tools.

How to dismantle an old door frame

first remove the door leaf, cover, then remove the screws, nails.It remains only to remove the door frame and better to do it together.

Removing the door frame photos

Photo 5 - Removing the door frame photo

However, if the doors are very old and the material is unsuitable for further use, it is possible to do otherwise.On the sides of the box are made cuts at an angle of 45 degrees, which are located in the middle.It remains only to pick up and remove the parts.

How to install handles and hinges on the door

When installing it is necessary to comply with the recommended settings:

  • distance from the top of the door leaf to the first loop should be 20 cm. Similarly is another loop.
  • Before doorknob distance should be 900 - 1000 mm.


Install hinges on interior doors

Photo 6 - Set loops on interior doors

measured off the required distance, the loop is applied and circled in pencil, and then it's the place to go with a chisel or a cutter.The depth depends on the thickness of the metal hinge.Then drill a hole for the screws.

setting the loop into the slots designed for them, put the second half of the article and applied desk boxes, and again repeat the above steps.

To embed lock, the door leaf is inverted and scheduled place of their installation.All other operations are similar to the installation of loops.Striker plate put after installing the door in place.


Putting box and set the door leaf

on the floor need to expand the door frame and cut it off the boards so that the left side and top clearance of 3-4 mm.It is very important for the proper operation of the door.Depending on the thickness of the floor covering below the door left a gap of up to 10 mm.

Assembling the door frame

Photo 7 - Assembling the door frame

washed down the upper bar on both sides, and vertical - only from above, at an angle of 45 degrees using a miter box, you need to connect them with screws.

Installation ducts for interior door

Photo 8 - Installation ducts for interior door

now ready to install the box and secure it in the opening using the wedges.Use a level to find the right position in two planes, adjusting the position of the wedges and spacers.Then, in places with hinges and locking screw need screws, reinforcing the door.


foaming joints

foaming joints when installing interior door

Photo 9 - foaming joints when installing interior door

process is quite responsible, because it can happen extrusion enlarged door frame foam.To prevent this, the foam is applied to a thin layer.To this end pieces inserted into the cavities of plywood, wood, plasterboard.

to grip the wall was better before foaming is necessary to wet the surface with water.


final stage.Installation casings with their hands

Markings on the casings on the interior doors

Picture 10 - Marking casings on on interior doors

plat - element of decoration, which masks the gap between the door and sing box.By applying vertical trims to the door of the duct, it is necessary to note the desired length and make the cut at an angle of 45 degrees.Very carefully we set them so that it was possible to insert the upper part of the casing, which should be cut at the same angle.Install them on the liquid nails, or use finishing nails - 3 pieces on each side.

Installation casings on interior doors

Photo 11 - Setting the trims on the interior doors

installation of interior doors video guide

Another way to install interior door

Although many operations to be carried out, an independent installation is feasible doors.Maybe it will take more time than the experts, but in the end you will get exactly what they wanted.