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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lamp flashing and the dimly lit after turning : how to eliminate flicker and save light bulb

flashing energy-saving lamps cause all sorts of reasons, and therefore their solutions differ markedly, but require immediate implementation.

Energy saving lamp - Photo 01

saving lamp - Photo 01

The fact that the use of energy-saving lamps is beneficial knows most of the population of our country.After installation of many convinced that they have a lot of positive qualities.However, many alerted unexpected effect - saving lamp blinks after switching off.To understand what causes produce the phenomenon should first determine which mode is flickering, and understand the operation of such lamps.

fundamental unit of energy saving lamps

energy-saving lamp device - Photo 02

device energy-saving lamp - Photo 02

Their housing is filled with an inert gas and mercury vapor, and the bulb inside is coated with phosphor, whichable to convert ultraviolet light into visible light by the human eye.Between the tube and the cap to be an electronic board, which ensures the functioning of electric light products.

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device bulb energy saving lamp - Photo 03

From the network to the energy-saving lamps comes standard voltage of 220V, which is variable, but they are working on a DC voltage.Naturally, in the lamps themselves and their patrons nobody sets rectifiers.All much easier, they are mounted inside all modern lamps.

transformation principle is to ensure that the AC voltage is applied to the input of the diode bridge, after passing which it has continued, but has some ripple.To their smooth smoothing capacitor is mounted, which often is the reason that the lamp flashes.However, this problem may also occur for other reasons, so before you proceed to its liquidation, have to figure out how and when it occurs.

The structure of the energy-saving lamp - Photo 04

structure of energy-saving lamps - Photo 04

main reasons that the lamps blink.Methods of removing

Outbreaks can occur in different ways, look at the main options.

  1. Why light flashes continuously when it is connected to the network.To cause such a problem are the following reasons:
  • low voltage level, which makes it impossible to start the lamp ballasts. To see this, it is necessary to measure and in case if it turns out that the voltage deviation exceeds regulated by the normative documents 5% in any direction, you will need to write a complaint to the company involved in the supply of electricity in your home.

  • faults in the scheme launch energy-saving lamps.Irreparable They are, therefore, subject to immediate change.
  • Significant power surges that can lead not only to blink, but also to the complete failure of their system of lamps and other equipment. culprit of this problem could be all of the same utility company, but the same result can lead to connect to a network of powerful svarochnika or other similar equipment.
  1. lamp blinks after connecting to the network, but does not ignite.In this case, you just need to replace the starter - a significant part in the electromagnetic system start fluorescent lamps.But this issue does not relate to their energy-saving varieties.

  1. Why flashes shut down energy-saving lamp.There can be several:
  • Improper electrical work. Most often this occurs because the phase is mixed with a zero.You can verify this and most, but you need to have or borrow from the neighbors electrical pliers or voltage signal.Correct the situation is not very difficult - just change the zero and phase in an electrical panel.But not all so simple.The search for an answer to the question: "Why do energy-saving lamp will flash" - can reveal serious problems with the wiring in the house or apartment.For example, you still use the outdated TN-C earthing system, do not set residual current device, which is very dangerous, and may be a reason that is constantly flashing LED lamp.
  • The poor quality of the product. Unfortunately not all the products are so widely represented on the market, it meets the requirements of GOST.In this case, only one way out - to buy energy-saving lamps only in large specialized stores and give preference to already established brands.
  • presence in the vicinity of powerful sources that emit electromagnetic waves. Even the TV is may be the reason that the light flashes, but this is only possible if it is very close.However, power lines or different transmitters, including mobile communications, capable of causing periodic outbreaks of lighting products.
  • Availability backlight push button, as that can be used as LED and neon lamp. This is the most frequent reason why the energy-saving lamp will flash after the shutdown.

The fact is that if the light is on, it means that it feeds an electric current.Its size is so small that the energy meter even react to it, but even this low enough that the capacitor being charged in the tube gradually.Once a level is reached, which is enough for a start, there is a flash.The lamp goes out, because capacitor discharge is instantaneous, and it all starts again, repeating many times.

Energy-saving lamps - Photo 05

Energy-saving lamps - Photo 05

This is a very bad effect on the duration of the operation of energy-saving lamp, since it works in the abnormal mode and rasschitana a limited number of launches.Now you know why the flashing energy-saving lamp.To fix this particular situation there are several ways and each of them we shall.

Options eliminate flashing or flashes

The easiest way to get rid of the discomfort caused by the fact that energy-saving lamp blinks after switching off - remove the backlight power.To do so would open the switch cover and disconnect the wires that go to the LED.Then the current will not flow to the capacitor is charged and the problem will disappear when the periodically flashing lamp is turned off, which is very unpleasant at night.Snacking wire is not recommended, especially if not an expert in this field, since it can be confused with power wire.

Illumination energy saving lamp - Photo 06

illumination energy saving lamp - Photo 06

There is another very similar option - replace keyboard with backlight switches to regular.This procedure can not be called difficult, but if you have never done it, you entrust this work to a specialist.

When flashing off the lamp in the chandelier, and there she was not alone, and all have a similar problem, you can replace it with a bulb that has no more power.In this case, the current will not flow to the filter capacitor, because it will take to heat a tungsten filament ordinary bulbs.

There is another option, which is often recommended when a lamp is only one lamp, it is possible to do otherwise - add a resistor.It should have a resistance of 50 ohms and a power of 2 watts.You can find it in the store for amateur radio and it is inexpensive.It is he who will consume current causes the flashing lights, and their work is not affected.To ensure maximum security must be insulated resistor, which is better to use heat shrinkable tubing.Connect it is possible to bowl is about the lamp socket or junction box.