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August 12, 2017 18:06

Smooth on incandescent light bulbs : light bulbs cease your burnt

situation when an incandescent lamp fails and thus the room shatters many dangerous fragments is not new.And it can occur with both the long-running instances, and with established recently.They burn at the time of inclusion, since in a very short period of time (just a few tenths of a second) the amount of current that comes to the filament is much higher than its nominal value, but it is sufficient that it be burned.

Rectify the situation will allow a smooth switch incandescent lamps, which is based on the device - the security module, which allows to provide a slow (2-3 seconds) tungsten coil ignition.You can make your own or purchase an already finished product.

Features selection of the relay

choosing a device, should take into account the overall size of the load, which is easy to calculate, given the number of filament lamps and their power.This value is required headroom, better if this value is approximately a quarter of the value obtained.This will extend the life o

f the device, ensuring smooth integration of incandescent lamps.unit overload is unacceptable because it would lead to significant overheating of all the elements, and it quickly breaks down.

One of the acceptable options can be considered a device Uniel Upb-200W-BL .You can connect fluorescent lamps with a total capacity of not more than 160W.Only it should be borne in mind that the use of a protective unit leads to a voltage drop, so the load is markedly reduced and is only 171B.

Given this feature you need to use lamps with higher power and in accordance with it to select the security module.

Its operation is simple: the lamp voltage is fed, which in a few seconds is gradually increased to the normal level.It significantly reduced the starting amount of current that can increase the duration of the light bulbs.

independent production protection unit

Driving smooth switching of incandescent lamps is not very complicated, but you need to consider a lot of features, while respecting all applicable standards to be met byelectrical devices.But not all schemes provide the desired result, therefore we present one of the most interesting options is that product.

Driving soft-start bulbs - Photo 01

scheme of soft-start bulbs - Photo 01

In this scheme, a smooth switching incandescent lamps and switch the device is clearly demonstrated, and the polarity of the wires is not very important.But it is important to connect this device to break the phase conductor, thus providing a series connection with the switch, which should be one-button.Here are explanations of the scheme:

  • FET during the initial cycle of the device remain closed and that it drops the voltage stabilization, since it is part of the diagonal of the diode bridge.At this time, the lamp is off.
  • capacitor C1 begins to charge when you receive a voltage across the resistor (R1) and a diode (VD1) until it reaches the level of 9,1V, which can not be exceeded, since it limits the zener diode.
  • Upon reaching a predetermined voltage level, the transistor begin a gradual opening, accompanied by an increase in current, the voltage at the drain will decrease.Will begin a smooth ignition of the lamp filament.
  • presence of the second resistor is a must, as it allows the capacitor is discharged after the time when the lamp will turn off the power.At this time, the value of the drain voltage is small - about 0,85V with a current of 1A.

It is very important that such a soft-start circuit incandescent provides flicker-free operation, which is very important for a comfortable stay in the room.It can be used for light work as from the standard voltage of 220V, and from the low.

Where to install safety devices

Small dimensions of this device allow them to be mounted in different places, but it is necessary to ensure easy access to it, if necessary repair or complete replacement.

It is equally important to ensure the unit air intake, which is necessary to cool its components, which should ensure the smooth inclusion of incandescent lamps.To this end, in his case should be slots or holes that need to be considered when creating such devices with their own hands.

The most common location of the following options:

  • the ceiling .This option is most common.In this case, it is set at the base of the lighting device or in close proximity to it.
  • In podrozetnik switch , junction box.

Wiring protection unit in Enclosures switch for lamps 220 ( B) - Photo 02

Wiring protection unit in Enclosures switch for lamps 220 (B) - Photo 02

incandescent protection devices can significantly increase their resource, but to set them, and even more design, you need to following the rules and regulations in force, and having at least a basic knowledge in the field of installation of electrical appliances.Otherwise, to perform such work appropriate to invite the pros.