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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen Design 12 sq .m . The best planning and best design projects of kitchens 12 sq .m .

Article Contents:
  • Select the options plan kitchen 12 sq.m
  • Kitchen Design 12 sq.m with a balcony
  • New kitchen design 12 square meters.m in white and brown colors.Photos successful project
  • Modern design kitchen area of ​​12 square meters.m. Photo Project.Natural decor in a modern kitchen solving
  • Kitchen 12 sqm with a bar.Options plan
  • Superb dining 12 square meters.m with a sofa.Project Photo
  • «triple alliance" of objects on a standard kitchen 12 sq.m with a bay window
  • Modern kitchen design 12 square meters.m. with a bay window.Project Photo
  • design techniques to create a stylish image of the kitchen 12 sq.m

In this article we will look at 7 of interesting and beautiful kitchen design projects 12 m from the ultramodern to the refined classical style.

Select the options plan kitchen 12 sq.m

Kitchen 12 m fairly large room.For a kitchen fit almost all types of layout and arrangement of furniture.

Plan kitchen of 12 meters

  1. linear arrangement of th
    e entire set
    , including sink, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and cabinets properly, along one of the long walls is preferable to select for elongated, rather narrow rooms.In this case, the second 12 sqm kitchen side gently turns into a dining area.For a small family in a corner of the window, you can arrange a cozy area with a folding table and a compact easy chair or ottoman.
  2. plan kitchen of 12 sqm with placement of working surfaces parallel lines increases the functionality of the kitchen 12 sq.m, but creates difficulties in finding space for a dining table, which is set mostly at the window, holding the free end face.In this case, it is considered that to put the sink, stove and refrigerator should be at the corners of an imaginary triangle, and the width of free passage must be ≥ 1,2 m, so this option is used in almost square rooms.
  3. kitchen layout with L-shaped arrangement quickly become one of the most popular, thanks to the introduction into the interior of the 12-meter dishes elegance and comfort.This arrangement of furniture fits in any form of cuisine.Facilitates installation of visual perception of the bar as a side angle.RATED hostess and convenient solution for the dining area, which is enough space.
  4. interesting effect gives C-shaped layout with proper kitchen its decision.Shortened fourth line becomes an elegant boundary in the combined kitchen-living room, does not weigh down the space.For local premises such an option would be inappropriate not to create a sensation of warehouse surroundings.
  5. At the height of fashion in recent years firmly held island , as an independent and multi-functional furniture item.It is used as a work desk, a sink and even placed the hob, often additional shelves are mounted at the bottom.The disadvantages include the following factors:
  • at the central location of the island need a large square kitchen.The distance from it to any surface should be ≥ 1,2 m, given that his own dimensions should not be less than this value;
  • for installation on the island of washing should be to equip the inlet pipe, and to the hob - wires.Also in the second embodiment, the need to consider the installation of hoods.

Preparing for repair, should explore interesting options of modern kitchen design ideas 12 sq.m. in order to create the unusual interior, to get acquainted with innovative methods of work, to bring to your home fresh ideas and novelty items.

Kitchen Design 12 sq.m with a balcony

See more photos 12 m² kitchen.m. in a contemporary style.Combining the kitchen with a balcony can be done without a thorough rework of the wall opening.Finishing putty polymer composition and painting of all the vertical planes of the English-bluish white latex paint with anti-fungal additives makes the design of the kitchen 12 sq.m. with balcony noble and balanced.Porcelain tiles with imitation oak planks laid on the glue not only on the floor, but also as an apron.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov8 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov9

Beautiful white kitchen with access to the balcony.Photo

highlight of a kitchen are the frescoes in the dining area on the wall bordering the access to the balcony.It silhouettes cups, teapots, which are executed in the technique of painting on wet plaster.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov3 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov4 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov5 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov6 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov7

Photo Kitchen 12 sq.m. with balcony

to release enough room furniture 12 meter kitchen with access to the balcony located on the remaining three sides.double curtains, the lower web has slight snow shade, echoing the tone of the walls and the upper curtain dense, solid hue echoes the image of objects on a fresco dishes.Window Decoration logically completes the charming finesse and unusual interior solutions.

New kitchen design 12 square meters.m in white and brown colors.Photos successful project

discreet brown color combined with snow-white freshness gives an unexpected sense of aristocratic nobility inherent in the Interior of the 19th century.Two options in the photo design kitchen 12 sq.m. The offer completely different effects caused initially forecasted priorities.

functional dominance in an elegant design.Interior design of modern kitchen 12 sq.m.

Interior of the kitchen of 12 square meters.m. implies freedom of movement.Furniture is available in three sets of walls:

  1. storage space with doors;
  2. work area;
  3. additional shelves, both open and doors surrounding the window.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov13 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov14 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov15

Oval white table with comfortable chairs of the same light tone occupies the center, it is easily extendible, if necessary, increasing in size.White-brown surface is easy to flow into one another, removing excessive static.wood texture on furniture fronts, supported by the floor covering and the insert on the table, looks favorably on a light background wall.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov17 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov16

Photo modern kitchen

Appliances maximum shut-in closets, which creates a sense of order and tranquility.Wide sill turns into a makeshift table, if necessary.The dominant decoration are white ceiling with adjustable luminous flux.Complement lighting LED lights on the ceiling and lights embedded into the furnishings.

Modern design kitchen 12 square meters.m. Photo Project. natural decor in a modern kitchen solution.

Fotooboy with blossoming flowers on the wall makes it a center of the kitchen design 12 square meters.m., determining all other solutions.Desk with rectangular top, chairs a simple form with a slightly curved back, all these things create a rich brown shade wrenching picture.Amazing and legtsy lamp over the table with an almost weightless design draws attention to the unusual shape.

Academic design -kitchen- 1 Academic design -kitchen- 2 Academic design -kitchen- 3

Ends magnificent image of unusual dishes lighter color of the floor.The interior, which is comfortable and joyful stay, many years will seem fresh and sweet heart.

Academic design -kitchen- 4 Academic design -kitchen- 5

Kitchen 12 sqm with a bar.Options plan

consider all possible options plan kitchen 12 sq.m. with breakfast bar.

From officialdom service offices and light atmosphere of restaurants bar quickly became an elegant and fashionable subject in kitchens, performing different functions and changing the shape, dimensions, external decoration according to the surrounding area.There are several models of racks:

  • classic kind bar rack in the kitchen 12 sq.M. In the form of a table top on the legs, not more than 1.15 m in height with bar stools (comfortable in small spaces); desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov28
  • island model bar rack in the kitchen because of its local accommodation can go for quite a spacious kitchen; desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov29
  • combined bar in the kitchen 12 sq.m is an extension of one surface of the headset, giving the environment a refined, modern look; desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov30
  • bunk modification bar rack acquires the features of versatility, allowing you to simultaneously prepare meals on the lower plane and serve the upper (smaller in size) surface; desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov31
  • bar-partition in the kitchen 12 sq.m., which allows visually zoned space, which is especially important when combining living room and kitchen. desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov32

A variety of modern materials with a rich color palette makes it possible to attach the surface texture of the bar of valuable timber, precious stones.Special refinement differ durable plastic, glass or stained glass tabletops illuminated.Durable acrylic, ceramic, metal - a decent choice and easily allow to solve harmoniously design the kitchen of 12 square meters.m with a bar, which will quickly become a favorite place for spiritual gatherings.

Superb dining 12 square meters.m with a sofa.Photo project

Sufficient kitchen size of 12 sqm.m for a small family of two or three people allow to arrange a cozy sofa area, provided the rest of the selection of furniture items light in tone and form, made of ash.

combination of finishes adds to the standard kitchen design plan 12 sq.m room with sofa dynamism.To this end, one of the bright monochromatic walls hang wallpaper with a magnificent floral ornaments in the combination of light and dark shades of noble chocolate, about which comfortably set beige sofa in collaboration with a rectangular table covered with white cloth.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov33 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov34 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov35

Kitchen interior with sofa 12 square meters.m. Photo

White facades along the other sets of planes apron with a delicate blue glossy tiles, light floor, light blue ceiling make the room bright.All communications are hidden in boxes with ventilation and lighting, creating orderliness and a cozy atmosphere.The dominant accent in the interior are Roman shades made of natural fabrics, on a gentle gray-blue background with a free flight soar swift swallows.Rounding out the design of the kitchen 12 m² with a sofa, ceiling track lights in the form of parallelepipeds with decor that matches the dominant brown gamut.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov38 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov37 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov36

Interior Kitchen 12 sq.m with a bay window

Kitchen with bay window - part of the room, the speaker of the total surface of the facade of the house, look modern and create a sense of volume.When planning a kitchen design 12 sqm with bay window, it is important to give this area the functionality that will demonstrate two creative options.

«triple alliance" of objects on a standard kitchen 12 sq.m with a bay window

creating the design of the kitchen 12 sq.m. with a bay window to the three mistresses, took as a basis the strip in the alternation of dark green color with a complex saturation with light beige companion on the walls, having different widths and defining the dynamic rhythm of the entire environment.Compensation bow section in the window area is transformed into a dining salon, thanks to a wide worktop made of artificial stone, which moves in the working surface of the headset with one hand and in the design of the back and side of the sofa the other.All appliances hidden behind the doors of cabinets, and even a built-in refrigerator.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov39 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov40 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov42

kitchen with a bay of 12 sqm.m. Photo Project

Near the couch to put two small round table with a light finish, complemented by comfortable miniature chairs.The facades of the headset is light, slightly Aged, glass apron, giving room for creativity, because for them, you can put the prints, drawings.Paul of parquet oak panels with antique patina imitates noble surface.Three lamps on the ends of the stack, the three openwork ceiling lamp, nickel-plated in the bay window symbolize the equality of the three mistresses in an updated space.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov41 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov43 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov44

kitchen Modern design 12 square meters.m. with a bay window.Photo project

dynamic and independent design of a kitchen of 12 sqm with bay windows create a variety of flooring, which is dominated by light brown panel with simulated wood grain on the main space.Under furniture, rectangular table and almost adjacent to the end of his massive island with hob lined cover almost white, supported by hinged design rectangular ceiling.Around the table perfectly fitting light cool design chairs.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov46 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov47 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov48

Long exhaust cylinder over the island and the transparent partition, which limits it to both sides gives the whole surrounding area fantastic image, reinforced track light on the long cylindrical suspensions over the table.Along with them, a lamp on the ceiling in the form of an elongated rectangle is located a short distance from the upper border of the cabinet and provides a fairly bright light.Dark kitchen cabinets completely covers the wall behind the island, blending in with them color shades.Lightness and freshness bring long white curtains, translucent and air.

desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov49 desizhn_kuhni_12_metrov45

design techniques to create a stylish image of the kitchen 12 sq.m

Classics creative designers are color effects that affect the visual perception of space.The kitchen, which has 12 squares area, does not need any frills to expand it, and the color palette should be selected according to the dominant style.The main motivations are personal preferences of households, which should certainly be taken into account.It is desirable to avoid dark tones and bright colors to use as accents exquisite.Some adjustments to the layout of the kitchen 12 sq.m may require only extremely narrow room:

  • it is advisable not to place the wall units on the perimeter of a continuous line of closed facades.You can restrict the two products graceful shallow glass or stained glass doors;
  • useful addition to the chandelier to illuminate work surfaces and wall sconces hang over the dining area.Add decorative LED strip for stained glass inserts;
  • expand the space, modern mirror or with the effect of 3D aprons, ornaments which support the overall interior background;
  • fittings should not be massive, quiet suitable shape or modern facade system without handles;