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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen with bay window : a place where year-round live summer

bay window - part of the room that extends beyond the plane of the facade and increasing the interior space of the home.Get at its disposal a modern kitchen with a bay window on one side is considered a great good fortune: a lot of light and space.On the other, the complicated geometry of the room imposes a number of obligations on the design of the kitchen with a bay window and placement of furniture.

kitchen with bay window, an area of ​​only 12 square metersdue to perfectly matched colors perceived a spacious, bright and cheerful.There is always staying warm sun-lamp.color blue July sky Set in perfect harmony with beige curtains, weightless veil of tulle and a light floor.In rainy gloomy day nice to go into the kitchen with a bay window, where it is always summer living.

Colours and finishing kitchen with bay window

three colors dominate the design: light blue, lemon yellow and beige varying intensity.Accent wall has a convex relief in the form of circles.The rest of the walls are

lined and painted in light beige color.Yellow-blue apron - ceramic mosaic.On the floor a light granite wood, equipped with a system of warm floors.Interestingly ledge in the kitchen, he repeats all smooth curves bay.


modern kitchen with bay window P44T.Photo

furniture in the kitchen with a bay window

course, the soul of the whole composition - kitchen set sky-blue color.It fills most of the space and rises from the floor to the ceiling.Large capacity and reliable (as safe), but due to the color does not look bulky.Very cleverly hidden from the exhaust pipe into the top panel of the kitchen facade.Elegant table-top smoothly into the bar.Stools in the form of droplets mischievous, jumping out of the water, patiently waiting for their owners.Elegant white-backed chairs with a relaxing evening and a leisurely conversation.Glass dining table - one of the latest trends in the arrangement of dishes of the season.Erker advance dictates his place by the window arrangement.Cream curtains soft waves streaming, emphasizing curves windows.Silver refrigerator drawers and a milk like soldiers lined up along the wall.


blue furniture in the kitchen with a bay window.Photo

light in the kitchen with a bay of 12 sqm.m.

Lighting is thought to the smallest detail.Home solar shade over a dining table creates a summer atmosphere.Three of the suspension in the form of light bulbs resemble notes in a notebook and make the chamber atmosphere near the bar cozy.Electric light bulb above the refrigerator preserves night's sleep households.


design a beautiful kitchen with a bay window.Photo

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Jewellery and decor in the kitchen with a bay window

diverse colors, embossed wall is already pleasing to the eye and give play to the imagination, so as decorations appear only on the narrow plantsdresser.

kitchen with bay window design by well-chosen semantic accents and bright colors turned summer, the festive joy at the owners and future guests.