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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cages for rabbits with their own hands .Step-by-step instruction

Article Contents:

  • 1 rabbit hutch simple design
  • 2 Putting cell cage for rabbits
  • 3 Assembling the main compartment
  • 4 How to sheathe the walls and roof
  • 5 Tips for building cells for rabbits
  • 6 Dimensions rabbit cells
  • 7 construction rabbit cells
  • 8 cells Zolotukhin own hands
    • 8.1 design features


rabbit hutch simple design

Due to the simplicity of the design, such a cell can be done with minimal experience with carpentry tools.For its production need wooden slats and bars, plywood, metal mesh, shingles and plexiglass.Despite the fact that this type of cell is not particularly difficult, it looks beautiful and interesting that will be appreciated by all members of your family.

collect cells framework for

rabbits to facilitate the feeding of animals, the cage is set on a hill, building additional stand. height selected so as to take care of the animals were adults and children.To have the feed and hay at hand and not look for additional storage space

for food, frame equipped with roomy shelf.


Cages for rabbits

drawings need wooden block section of at least 60 × 60 mm, 850 mm to the reference cell counters.



Cage for rabbits with their hands step by step instructions.Photo

When cutting wood not forget handle edge slats .This prevents splinters and improve the aesthetics of the design for the rabbits cage.

The main struts attach the base frame and the support for shelves.For this purpose, four screws are screwed on top of the board in the frame and at a distance 372 mm from the floor.It is important to perform a layout and follow the geometry of the structure, using carpenter's square and level.It should get a flat, stable design with no distortions and curved corners.



To make a cell with an additional branch in the front board of the upper frame makes a neat cut-outs.Cut part is attached to the old place with the help of piano hinges.Narrow flip part will provide access to the interior cells in the future.


On the inner side of the upper and lower frame as spacers mounted additional rail.They eliminate the instability of structures and serve as a support for the flooring, thus require especially careful fitting.


Cage for rabbits with their hands step by step instructions.Photo




In the corners of the wooden boards or planks are used as shelves and cell base, make a cut-out support legs.Shields set into place, and then find a job at this stage completed.

Assembling the main compartment

Cage for rabbits should gladden the host not only for their durability and reliability, but also an attractive appearance.Collect cage for rabbits start from the front, and the detail to understand all the nuances of working with your hands will help step by step instructions.


Cages for rabbits drawings

The first stage is collected box under the door .To do this, from the rails by means of dowels and screws furniture collected ramu.Vypilivayut rectangular groove for the vertical movement of the sliding frame dvertsy.Izgotavlivayut partition size slightly larger than the height of the box.On the outer surface mounted dowels, whereupon the door is set in place, dowel into the prepared having got slots in the side jambs.





of wooden slats mounted separation on either side of the opening.Collect the rear part of the structure, and side walls.


How to make a cage for rabbits.Photo

Eight slats of which are made of the roof rafters, cut at an acute uglom.Stropila collect, bonding pairs genital elements, then finally fixed with screws.Thereafter, clamps were removed and fixed to the rafters of the roof base.





plywood sheet cut out triangular elements that block access from the doorway to the roof.They are fastened with screws to the rafters Central heating in accordance with the attached diagram.




Cage for rabbits with their hands step by step instructions.Photo

roof plywood sheets sheathe , raskraivaya them according to the drawing.Rear ramp make a cut, mounted on a piano hinge.Swing-down part of the roof will facilitate access to the interior of kletki.Chtoby dock the central part of the front of the roof to the side members, in its corners cut small sections.





After assembly cells grounds for rabbits with their own hands is completed, construction is treated with linseed oil, dried, and then paint one or two layers of oilpaints.Despite a longer drying period, it will reliably protect the wood from moisture.

How to sheathe the walls and roof


Cages for rabbits drawings

the inner side of the wall, as well as the door of the cage for rabbits sheathe their own hands with the help of the screwdriver, screws and wire mesh with a mesh size of not more than25 × 25 mm.


first sew the ends of the cells, and then mounted above the doorway front wall.


To construct was convenient to transport , with side support frame frame bolted reclining handles.


on the front top board support frame mounted latch to secure the narrow hinged parts.


Espagnolette set also on the cell door.


Decorate design can be a rabbit figure cut from plywood.Its stained then adhered or fastened with screws on the front side of the roof.



Protect Piano hinges , which provides mobility hinged part of the roof, it is possible by means of a universal adhesive tape.Pasted on top of the metal, it will prevent rust and provide reliable operation details.


Using a stapler and metal brackets ranging from 8 mm to the trim of the roof of the rabbit house attach shingles .


Cage for rabbits with their hands step by step instructions.Photo


Using a special glue for soft roof, from the long, narrow segment of bitumen canvas equip horse roof.


Carve plexiglass size of one of the side walls, and then the top part is mounted bolt.If necessary, this element can protect animals from drafts and rain.Plexiglas mounted on the frame, securing it at the bottom of shkantami in upholstery and top - fixing the latch bolt in a pre-drilled hole.





to animals harvested small ladder and inner house.After impregnation varnish parts stained and placed into the cell.





Once the paint is completely dry, the cells were transferred to a permanent place, prepare provisions and rabbits inhabit in their new home.








Tips for building cells for

rabbits Althoughthat rabbits do not apply to animals, especially demanding for the content, in the manufacture and placement of the cells is better to rely on the opinion of experienced people.

main criterion for choosing a place for the installation of the rabbitry is the lack of drafts .In addition, during the summer the animals better in the shade, so you have to equip a canopy or to place the cells in a barn.

Do not forget that when breeding rabbits have to resettle young, separately include pregnant females and males, and so on. E., So do not get a single cell.It is better to hand has always been a free space, and the cells themselves must have the paddocks.

make - cell

Listen to the advice of experienced breeders, and you do not have to correct its own mistakes and miscalculations.

Paul rabbitry is best done from the grid or rails laid at a distance of 1.5 cm apart.When using cells outdoors, equip and even lower, fold-floor tier of boards.

roof cells installed in the room, made of the same material as the walls.On the street rabbitry harbor waterproof roofing material.Tin it is better not to use.

The street houses for animals are placed on supports height of 0.5 to 1 m. It is best if it is to be also a house with a cutout in the form of a "hole" inside the cell.

cells divided into several compartments , providing a manhole for animals from one part to another, as well as flaps for cleaning individual "rooms".

Dimensions rabbitry in which it is planned to hold the males do enough for their free range.We must remember that the males who lead a sedentary lifestyle, may become infertile.

cell - to - krolikov_

do separate spacious cell on every 3-4 females.

rabbits kept in the same room with the nursing doe.At the same time hold the next one cell-free, otsazhivaya to the mother with the small animals for their supplementary feeding.

best material for the rabbitry is wood - boards, slats, plywood, laminated panels.Of them make the power frame and roof.Depending on the climate and the installation, the cell walls are made of wire mesh, plywood, boards or rails.In the process, special attention to the finishing materials are removed, the animals could not be injured splinters, sharp parts of the mesh edges or protruding nails and screws.

cell size for rabbits

Dimensions of cells for breeding rabbits vary widely depending on the size of animal, breed, the destination cell (for males, females and children, rabbits and so on. D.).

For lactating rabbits cell size should be at least 1.70 - 1.85 m long, 1 m wide and 0.6 - 0.7 floor-to-cover.The cells are placed at a distance of 0.7 - 0.8 m from the ground or on the box supports.Animals weighing between 5 kg require rabbitries length of 1.3-1.5 m and a width of 0.7 m At the same time the height of the rear wall should be 0.4-0.45 m, and the front -. 10-15 cm above.

Youngsters rabbits deposited into group rabbit hutches, where from 8 to 20 individuals.The individual cells are being resettled from 3 to 5 pups, who are under 3 months.Older animals are placed no more than 2 - 3 animals per cage.In this case one specimen shall be at least 0.5 square meters.m square, rabbitry height should be more than 35, see the group of cells in the rabbit should be at least 0.2 square meters.m, which should be considered in the manufacture and distribution of animal rabbitry.

grupovogo -cell - to - young

cell sizes for rabbits.Photo

The adult requires a minimum room size of 1 × 0.6 m 0.6 m high, but these dimensions is better to increase by 20 - 30%.

cells arranged in one or two layers (called shad).Depending on the size of the animals do not Shedao width of more than 2m and depth - to 1 m, placing on the cell height of about two feet.

used for kindling rabbitry with double queen cells - removable aft compartment for keeping animals up to 1 month.On the cell compartments divided by a wooden partition with a manhole 17h20 cm.

double -cell - to - queen cells

main thing is that animals in captivity to feel comfortable, so it is recommended to perform all the tips on their location and contents.

Designs for

rabbit cells with bunk rabbitries portable type simplified care and feeding of rabbits.Enough from time to time to rearrange the structure in place with thick grass - and the animals are provided with food and clean place for walking.


Photo cells for decorative rabbits

wooden construction on the roof of which is equipped with a low box waterproof bottom, allow to grow on the roof rabbitry sprouts or greens.This solution is not only highly practical but also looks impressive on the site.82

Cage for rabbits.Photo

«Two-room" house pet with a common room for feeding facilitates the care of the animals and increases the space reserved for them walking.83

Large cage for rabbits.Photo

Construction rabbit cells in which the animal is open access for walking on the ground, benefit not only from the perspective of the content of animals, but also from the economic aspect.With a sufficiently large volume of its production of cells does not require large material costs.84

Triangular cell-hut with aviary for walking is easy to manufacture.On the day of similar design is placed on the ground with thick grass, and at night the cage clean for stationary elevation.85

large rabbitry, designed for two seats, has a presentable appearance thanks to a spacious design, a flexible roof and stained in bright colors.Rounding out the picture of the black metal elements of the door hinge and bolts.86

Big summer house for breeding rabbits allows up to ten individuals.High door construction allows to come inside for feeding, cleaning and inspection of the animals.87

increased cell depth, divided into two rooms, allows you to keep a few individuals in each half.Increased patio gives comfort during walking and feeding.Contrast staining cells and copper fittings adds to her elegance and presentable.88

Cage for decorative rabbits.Photo

rabbit cells, mounted on a height, is often carried out in a single package with aviary.The total roof saves material during the construction of cages for rabbits, and provides a comfortable and spacious keeping animals.89

rabbitries rectangular type with a pent roof is very easy to produce and provides all the comfort for animals and care for them.Simple cage for rabbits can be made of wooden bars and rods, planks and wooden linings and roof shelter slate or a soft roof.90

cells Zolotukhin own hands

cells structure of the Russian breeder Zolotukhin gained immense popularity due to its simplicity, low cost and ease of care of small animals.

The advantages of this type of cells are:

  • sloping slate or plywood floor with a grid near the back wall;
  • three-tiered structure of the six cells.Shift cells to the mesh width of the floor allows for easy cleaning;
  • Fitted liquor in a conventional cage;