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August 12, 2017 18:06

How fortunate to beat a narrow kitchen interior design : a creative approach to solving problems

Design narrow kitchen

Probably due to the fact that residential buildings designers at one time had a peculiar sense of humor and created the most visited room in the apartments so that theyhave difficulty to miss two people, a narrow kitchen design - one of the most sought-after areas of the creators of modern interiors.

principles of solving spatial problems can be divided into two categories.One of them includes laws which are valid for all rooms with this form of failure, the second reflects the specific nature and purpose of the room.

Kitchen - 1 Kitchen 11 Kitsch 12 Kitchen 13 Kitsch 14

General rules for design of premises elongated

Interior narrow kitchen is subject to the general rules of design, the main of which is laconic:

  • minimum of colors (usually two basic shades),
  • use of cold and reserved, not bright callers (good, for example, a combination of gray or blue to neutral white),
  • least accentsattracting attention to detail, the decor (optimal high-tech style, minimalism, are permissibl
    e - and Scandinavian loft, highly undesirable - the Empire, Baroque, etc.).

Kitchen 15 Kitchen 16 Kitchen 17 Kitchen 18 Kitsch 19

Photo narrow kitchen design show that visual "extensions" are used quite traditional ways:

  • diagonal pattern on the floor (starting repair narrow kitchens, you can choosea linoleum, put the appropriate tiles, etc.),
  • additional lighting, for example, built-in LED lighting (including zoning and space for working and dining part),
  • reflectingthe effect (in this respect, there is a caveat: if the living room is often used for this purpose mirrors, picture the long kitchen design shows how they can be replaced by a large number of high-gloss surfaces),
  • pictures with perspective (panels, wallpaperson which the image "go" into the distance, are able to "push" the wall).

Kitchen 20 Kitsch 22 Kitchen 21 Kitsch 23 Kitsch 24 Kitchen 25

nuances and features everything a narrow kitchen

Design narrow kitchen, at the same time, different from other rooms in the first place,the need to put a large number of interior items and household appliances.Therefore, a narrow kitchen furniture is selected by the following principles:

  • perfect sliding, folding and withdrawable elements,
  • good solution would bar stools or stools that can be stored on the principle of children's pyramid - at the momentcooking they will not interfere,
  • dining tables with transparent tops are not "eat" space,
  • open shelves look more light and airy than the traditional wall cabinets with doors (alternative - glass door),
  • practical solution may be to narrow table in the kitchen, reminiscent of the bar, instead of the traditional square or round models.

Contemporary Kitchen , 61 Design - long narrow - kitchen - especially - photo4 Design - long narrow - kitchen - especially - Photo6 Design - long narrow - kitchen - especially - Photo8 Design - long narrow - kitchen - especially - Photo9 Design - long narrow - kitchen - especially - Photo10 eclectic - kitchen2 medical centers , Kitchen 1


There are several possible ways to plan space in such an awkward shape of the room.

narrow angular kitchen is left free one of the walls, making the room more visually wider.At the wall a dining area can be organized, which will be the basis for a folding table.

parallel arrangement along two walls of the interior of objects is acceptable only if the pass is not less than 90 cm after the arrangement of furniture. This layout is possible, if the front door and a window placed on the end walls.The original version of this variation can be seen in the photo design narrow kitchen 2 by 4 meters: furniture line, starting at the entrance, do not reach the wall with a window, a dining area is organized in this space.

Kitsch 27

Corner kitchen

Kitsch 28

Corner kitchen

Kitsch 29

Corner kitchen

Kitchen 30

Corner kitchen

Kitchen 31

Kitchen design 'in two lines'

Kitsch 32

Kitchen Design'two-line'

Kitsch 32

kitchen design 'in two lines'

Kitsch 33

kitchen design 'in two lines'

If a variation of the preceding paragraph includes not folding design, a stationary table at a window- obtained one of the most popular types of interior design, U-shaped arrangement.

Obviously, narrow kitchen design variation is enough to choose a solution that is not only suitable for certain conditions, but also appropriate aesthetic preferences of owners of the apartment.Narrow small kitchen with proper approach to their repair and placement of furniture can be very comfortable and functional.

Kitsch 38

U-shaped accommodation

Kitsch 37

U-shaped accommodation

Kitsch 36

U-shaped accommodation

Kitchen 35

U-shaped accommodation

Kitsch 34

U-shaped accommodation