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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorative mill garden with his own hands .Most workshops

Article Contents:

  • 1 Decorative mill garden with his own hands.Step by step instructions
  • 2 «Fast» Windmill, coated lining: step by step instructions with photos
  • 3 Step by step instructions with pictures how to make a hexagonal-mill frame for the garden.
  • 4 Other original design projects of wind turbines


spent not so much time, you will be able to make this beauty for yourself.

Offered to your attention three-step instructions with photos for the production of wind turbines of varying complexity and a few design ideas and design of the finished building.

Decorative mill garden with his own hands.Step by step instructions

You will need: Plywood, bars of different thickness, wood strips, glue, adhesive tape, long hairpin, 4 short pins, 4 pins, nuts, washers, screws.

uppermost block

Saw 6 long trapezoidal blanks, having cut the edge at an angle of 45 º .



Fold their sides close to each other, so that the inner side at the joint formed grooves.Securely lock all

six parts with tape on the front side.


Decorative mill by hand.Step by step photos

Turn piece and fill the grooves with glue reliable , apply makeup and structure on the side edge.Do it quickly before the mixture hardens.


Fold extreme parts and assemble the entire structure, seal it with tape and leave to set.


Trim off any excess adhesive, so they do not affect the accuracy of assembly of the finished structure.


Decorative mill garden with his own hands.Photo

Saw hex cap size inside of the top of the structure.In the center of drill hole for ease of installation and not to the end of a small screw in the screw.

Flip frame mill, set on the narrowest part.Apply the adhesive on the reverse side of the top of the tower, insert the cover, put a small load.




Base top of

This block with the lower parts will be connected by bar-axis size of 70x70 mm.Make two hexagonal workpiece with a size equal to the length of the part of the inner face of the base of the tower.


At the bottom of the cover to make a square notch on the bar size - 70x70 mm, and the top - in the center, drill a small hole-label for subsequent connection to the gudgeon.

The two lids saw out the sides - 6 wall pieces.Their width is equal to the length of the outer face of the base top.The side sections of blanks should be done at an angle of 45 º .

Fold the 3 parts of the walls a face to face on the front side to connect the tape.Apply glue in the groove on the back side of the blanks and fastened on three sides of the six two covers.Connect elements of the upper and lower bases with three walls.Additionally fix with screws and vice.Likewise attach the remaining edge.


When the unit design is ready to insert into the bottom of the axial bar and connect it to the top cover screw through the hole previously made.


lower block mounted vertically and glue it to the top, setting a top load.


ready designs sanded .


basic part

Base decorative windmill their arms made consists of three blocks, which are made on the same principle as that of the top of the workpiece.Lower unit - hexagonal prism without lids.The sides and top of the walls are cut at an angle as 450 and assembled with adhesive tape and glue.Between opposite walls attach via screws or glue board, set in the middle of which the inner box with a square 70 mm - for the axial beam.



on the lower block will be fixed average item - hexagonal pyramid without the top.The width of the top of each of the trapezoids is the wall of the lower unit of the width of the top and the bottom - side of the hexagon.The side edges and base 6 blanks are cut at an angle of 45 º and stick together as the first manufactured unit.


upper base member is performed on the basis of the lower.All design elements are made in the top of the groove joint to install the observation deck on the width of its frame rails.


All three base unit glued into a single structure and upper set pressure, but not too heavy, so that the seams of each of the blocks are not dispersed.Cut off the glue.


How to make a decorative windmill with your hands.Photo


Prepare 6 frame bars, the ends of which make small holes for screws tags.More must be cut into 5 sets of straps for the track platform, which together make up the hexagons of various sizes.

Tip!The preferred advance to make a drawing and marking on the board and then proceed to the preparation of all elements.And on the double-sided tape to paste the template.




When the parts are prepared, all the strips to collect on a marking on tape , glue 5 hexagons and bars in the joints.In addition, the frame pin vise.After drying, gently separate the platform from the template.




to the bar on the outer edge of the self-tapping screws to fasten bars fence .


They glued strips railing .



upper part of the mill and turn the screws to attach it to the frame bars of the observation deck.Set this design in taped slots base and flatten the load.



This element decorative windmill made of polystyrene hollow hemisphere.mounting ring and the base have the same outer diameter as the dome.


Circle make a hole in the center.Align the base with the ring, drill a further 4 holes in both parts one above the other for self-tapping screws.Align the center holes of the circle and the top of the assembled mill, screw hold them together.


rotating mechanism

Make two square bars for frame.Put them together, fasten the vise and slide to one edge, make a hole the size of the existing bearings.Put the details of the fine-side up, to drill in two places mark the screw length below the middle of the hole.Cut the circles in the middle of the workpiece.For stability between the two parts to pave the bars glued together, attach a platform to the bar.On the one hand the base is lifted a small bar, located so that the entire mechanism, not horizontally, but at an angle.The platform make for the corners of the holes for fastening the mechanism to the mill.


How to make a decorative windmill with your hands.Photo




Insert the bearings into the grooves and holes to fix the second part of the square pieces with screws.


studs stainless steel insert in both bearings, washers and nuts to fix.



To make the mill carefully for accurate marking holes for the pins in the dome, the assembled mechanism mounted inside the ring, and a hemisphere at one end of the hoop, and the opposite - exactly the same height.In a place where the pin rests in a semicircle - make a mark and then the hole.


Dome glue the ring, securing with tape.


mechanism bolted to the circular base of the mill and dress hemisphere.


Dome fixed in four places with screws.


Fasten blade

for central fastening a suitable square bar of 40 mm thick, which is the circle markings.Stepping back from the edges of a quarter of the length of the sides, in the center of the four drill holes are not through a large drill.On the reverse side to make a circular attachment recess 30 mm.Drills, equal to the thickness of the pin mechanism to drill in the center of the hole.The sides perform one hole is strictly middle.Give the finished part circular.





From template to saw blade 4 , their size depends on the size of the mill.



for each wing to prepare one frame bar to do in the end the hole in which the lock pin with a screw-threaded or bolt.On the other hand glued to the bar blade.




The big hole in the mounting clips to insert, screw the blade lock nuts and washers.




assembled structure mounted on a stud mill.




following modification of the wind turbine is constructed much easier, but it is no less attractive.

«Fast» Windmill, coated lining: step by step instructions with photos

Prepare two square parts to the frame: the upper side 300 mm, the base - 400 mm.These blanks, like the rest of the skeleton, will be covered with clapboard on top, so you can use the manufacture of chipboard or plywood sheets from old furniture or other second-hand materials.At the center of both parts to make holes.


for precision assembly between the two bases established long rack of about 600 mm, which is fastened with screws to the two squares through the central hole.Then he measured the length of the side edges of the trapezoid cut slats desired length.They fasten with screws to the two grounds - the frame is ready.


for roof made two isosceles triangular workpiece sizes of choose your own taste.Rails installed between parts of desired length.They are fixed to the triangle with the self-tapping screws.In the lower part of the roof is required to nail on the middle pair of rails for the connection with the case.mill size in the final form will be about one meter excluding wings.


sheathe the lower part of the frame clapboard.Metered detail nailed special nails to the rails, mark up, or drill a hole in the right place and fasten with screws.


Triangles roof lining are trimmed in the vertical direction - so looks better.Then the roof bolted to the body.Interestingly this mill will look with windows and a door, which cut into the skin of a jigsaw.


In the center of the triangle of the roof to make a hole in which to insert the bolt pancakes.Secure it with two washers and nuts.The roof lining close, and all the corner joints close decorative corner bar. melnitsa_foto6

will look like blades of finished mill - a matter of taste and imagination of everyone.In this project, they are made of pieces of wooden slats, downed small finishing nails.In the center of the two carrier bars is a hole and they must be mounted on the bolt, nut and are held together by two washers.


Simple decorative windmill with your hands.Photo

Cover design lacquer, and it is ready for installation.


Step by step instructions with pictures how to make a hexagonal-mill frame for the garden.

This spectacular and extremely beautiful garden decoration made out of materials that will always be in the hardware store.But the quality and attractiveness of it depends on the skill, patience and imagination of the master.

decorative windmill with your hands

Decorative mill by hand.Photo-step

lower part made from cuttings shovels .The recesses can be performed using a hole saw or a special cylindrical nozzles to drill.For Hex option they need to make an angle of 600, and this would require an angle of 300 and a special mount for two cuttings simultaneously.

Bond ready "a log" can be glue or for reliability to wear studs.To this end, each connecting two pieces drilled hole, and they must be mounted metal rod.

Tip!The windows and doors are easier to do no more than two parts.

decorative windmill his rukami1 decorative windmill his rukami2 decorative windmill his rukami3 decorative windmill his rukami4 decorative windmill his rukami5 decorative windmill his rukami6

Step by step guide how to make a decorative mill

reason is hexagonal blank with fixed pins on it.First row - it's the details embroidered in half lengthwise.When the lower frame it is fully assembled handle impregnation or lacquer.

decorative windmill his rukami7 decorative windmill his rukami8

on studs set hexagonal base for the next level.At the ends of the pins are set furniture corners to frame rails and the whole structure is clamped stops.To the base of the log is better to attach a decorative resistant heavy feet of oak.

decorative windmill his rukami9

Reiki second tier screwed to the seating area at the bottom and at the top - a hexagonal base the next level.This floor is sheathed with decorative mill rails , and the joints are closed trims .

Tip!As often as possible, and on all sides cover the assembled structure of varnish and impregnation - mill would still be standing in the street.

decorative windmill his rukami10 decorative windmill his rukami11

At the top of the second tier hexagon set a rectangular or square base for the roof.On it is mounted a roof frame, two triangular parts interconnected slats.Sheathe roof glazing bead, and the ends of the smaller sticks for sushi.Links are hidden under the decorative strip.

decorative windmill his rukami12 decorative windmill his rukami13

blade axis passes through the ends through the roof, and these openings are for it stops.It is made from the stalk to the chopper.The ends of the cuttings, impaled on the axis used as plugs.

to planting the blade axle used thick stick, cut in the form of an octahedron.In the four ends to make a hole for attaching the wings.

Tip!To rotate the blade, and served for a long time, it is important to make them easy, of approximately the same weight, made of durable material.

to the wing structure was similar and accurate, it is best to make a template.Fasten bracket with three bars, two side and center, at the base of grinded to the size of the holes in the octagonal mount.Trims for blades - is dismantled door shutters with perfectly matched and processed strips.For the frame, they are glued.

frame Wings insert mount and make balancing - inserting them deeper into the groove or vice versa slightly pulling.Install they need slightly at an angle to the plane, so they catch the wind.

Tip!To make the mill correctly, it is necessary to center the blade.They do not fall under the weight of one of them down and rotate easily.

decorative windmill his rukami14

Other original design projects of wind turbines

Taking the one presented master classes or pocherpnuv interesting ideas in all three, you can make an original and decoration - decorative mill for the garden with his own hands.

finished product presented design is not suitable for your area or do not like for you personally?