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Living Room

August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a small room ( dormitory ) living room with kitchen .

In bustling metropolises, where clouds of smog cling to the edge of the high-rises, where the edge of the ocean invisible traffic jam, and the work takes up most of the time, so I want to stay, to relax and be alone with your loved ones.Better place than a cozy home for this important goal is not to find.

Comfortable in every sense of home interior, decorated in warm pastel colors, will make you forget about all the problems and turn away from the routine.Small space zoned correctly and fully equipped.In such an interior will feel comfortable and a young family, and singles who have not yet found your soul mate.

Interior design small living room

Picture 1 - small living room interior design

functionality and style of small spaces

Making the dining room of the hostel

Photo 2 - Making breakfast part of the dorm rooms

In the dining room guestsand family members can be accommodated for a comfortable table with a white smooth surface and silvery feet.Completed chairs in the same style ergonomic and original.The lack of armrests promotes close com

munication, wide backrest enable comfortable recline and lead a relaxed conversation and unusual design legs makes the design weightless.Lunch or dinner in such a situation is bound to succeed.

Interior Design kitchen area in a small apartment

Photo 3 - Interior Design kitchen area in a small apartment

-in kitchen is located opposite the table with glossy surfaces contrasting beige and sand-colored.Ample drawers can store a large number of items.

wall near the dining area is decorated with frescoes concise square, in which organically inscribed TV panel.The small picture within the left parties continue to clear the geometry of the image.

Design kitchen furniture in a small beige kitchen

Photo 4 - Design of kitchen units in a small beige kitchen

Big lampshade over the table gives a diffused soft light.These simple circular patterns contrast with the strict design lines.Spot lights provide additional lighting working surfaces.

boundaries dining area emphasizes the niche with the column.Column dyed a lighter shade in comparison with the overall color gamut area.This technique is visually expands the space and fills it with air.

Making a living area in a small apartment

Photo 5 - Making a living area in a small apartment

living area, which also performs the function of the office is different intimacy.Small cozy brown sofa with soft pillows, fluffy white carpet, a miniature coffee table, TV panel, decorative trifles in shallow niches, flowing smoothly into the ceiling, dispose to unhurried relaxation.The space behind the sofa decorated with abstract triptych.

The design is very small living room

Photo 6 - Design a very small living room

Mirror surface-cabinet compartment, which is located opposite the window, expanding the boundaries of the living room.
the window with air curtains and drapes cognac is white desk with a comfortable leather armchair sand color.Shelves on the wall on the left side are not only functional purpose to store folders and papers, but also decorative.

bellied chandelier uniformly illuminating a living-room, complete the spotlights in the niches.

Design designed by studio (Director: Nina Romanyuk)