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Living Room

August 12, 2017 18:06

Combined living room with kitchen in shades of chocolate milk

layout with open space was once the privilege of Bohemia, in those days it was decided to put their lives like in the window, turning it into an art object.No walls, secret rooms, allowing anything to hide and be alone.

This trend took a step to the masses thanks to the King of shocking, the guru of modern art by Andy Warhol.
Over time, passion for publicity is gone, but left the studio.They liked for brevity, comfort and affordability.Lifestyle has become a life size.

Design living room with kitchen

Photo 1 - living room design with kitchen Krasnova Elena

idea to combine the living room and the kitchen has been successful

Due to the lack of walls, it is possible to embody the exclusive author's ideasallowing to create a stylish space, while maintaining its usability.

One of the most important techniques used in the creation of the interior - zoning.Despite the fact that the living room and kitchen are transformed into a single unit, visually emphasizes the borders of functional zones.Thus, every corn

er of the room gets its exclusive role, but small flaws plan easily manage level.

Color solution in the living room

smooth transition from one zone to another is carried out by means of colors on the floor, ceiling or symbolic volume elements, proclaiming area for relaxing, working or eating.

So implemented a psychological need landlord to change the situation.

Colours plays on the contrast of light and dark.Furniture extremely easy in all senses.It does not create oppressive mood of his pomp, massiveness and quantity.On the first request of the studio owner can easily make a permutation.

Design living room with kitchen

Photo 2 - Design living room with Krasnov kitchen Elena

Such housing prefer yuppies, professionals in the field of information technologies, designers, editors of fashion magazines, hipsters, experts-class, focused on careerpeople moving and open innovation.

Location interior and furniture

Living Room Studio implies the presence of large space, not overloaded with unnecessary interior.
basis of the concept of the lodger was the contrast - dark furniture, light walls and ceiling.The latter, made in one color visually expand the space, filling it with air and light.

On one wall is located at a narrow niche TV with a handy little shelves for CDs and books.Figure the surface resembles natural wood veins, talking about nature and ecology, which is lacking in the residents of big cities.
On each side is a niche speaker system - an essential attribute of the modern home.

Design living room with kitchen

Photo 3 - Design living room with kitchen Elena Krasnov

mirror, beige frame, located at the window, becomes a conductor additional natural light, while performing their tasks in the home straight with a clear zoning.

Beneath it is a compact chest of drawers for clothes and bedding.

On the opposite wall is a massive elegant wooden shelves, which are the ideal place to store books and pretty trifles brought out interesting trips.Small lockers with light doors, echoes in style with a TV niche, will help hide the items that the owner does not wish to expose is not public.Near the floor is a small yellow-red carpet with ethnic pattern.It defines the seating area.

Design living room with kitchen

Picture 4 Design living room with kitchen Elena Krasnov

central place in the living room occupies a corner sofa in ivory with soft pillows that add to the interior comfort of home.

over the side of the sofa back is a large table right square in shape and 6 chairs with a light mesh backrest in the Japanese style.

composition adds another narrow high table, playing the role of the bar at the party, and during a dinner party, it can put a large container with a salad, soup and more dishes that may be needed.It is not only stylish but also functional.

Kitchen in the living room - it is convenient and can be

Nearby is the original kitchen.Its boundaries define the column with a dark brown base and a yellowish-top coffee, which set off the noble beige and brown streaks.Fine horizontal lines on columns visually expand the space.

Green fern in the high red pots clearly outlines the cooking zone.Live plants create an atmosphere of purity and lightness.

Fitted kitchen with integrated appliances laconic.It is based on the canonical contrasts - dark shelves and white glossy work surfaces, easily maintained.

Design living room with kitchen

Photo 5 Design living room with kitchen Elena Krasnov

Design ceiling

Particular attention is paid to design a two-level ceiling.One part is made of rectangular wooden suspended structures rich chocolate color with a clear geometry, the other - from the light squares.Spotlights on these volume elements of decor, located above the functional areas, emphasize the zoning premises.

addition to the ceiling placed voluminous bubble of transparent glass chandeliers and pendant lights, which create a home-like atmosphere.

Living Room Studio - stylish, ergonomic solution for arranging today's modern home.

Architect designer: Elena Krasnov