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September 02, 2016 23:00

The interior design of the hall 18 sq .m . Photo 8 design options

In this article I want to consider the design of an interior room of 16-18 square meters.m. Eighteen square meters for a living, it is not a small area.But such a space can be visually reduced by using the wrong colors and furniture.

Consider option 4 design room of 16-18 square meters.m, which we gave Nina Romanyuk. design suitable for both Khrushchev and for panel or brick house.

All 4 designs room 18 square meters.m. The only seating area is expected.

first variant design of the hall

Design room 18 square meters.m, combined with a balcony is made in bright colors.Light beige color is not chosen by chance, it visually expands the space and makes the room more.Floor is covered with light laminate.Read how to lay laminate own hands.

Bright design room.Photo 1

Bright design room.Photo 1

Originally the hall was 18 square meters, but by combining with a balcony was possible to increase the space for another 4 square meters.In this zone, the designers decided to make a small work area.The color o

f the floor here is different from the main color in the room.

Decorative fireplace in the room of 16-18 square meters.m . Photo 2

Decorative fireplace in the room of 16-18 square meters.m. Photo 2

This design room of 18 square meters.m. involves placing a decorative fireplace.For this great place has come between the interior doors.Above the fireplace, placed a large LED TV with high-precision image.

Corner sofa sand color in the room .Picture 3

Corner sofa sand color in the room.Photo 3

hosts were able to relax, along the opposite wall in the hall of 18 sq m. The comfortable sofa set sand color.

Chocolate Interior Design Hall of 16-18 square meters.m

next design is bright accents of chocolate color.The main rule in the design of the room of 16-18 square meters.m, it is a lot of light.In addition to the main light source must use additional lighting, as in our case.

Hall in the panel house .Picture 4

Hall in the panel house.Photo 4

Do not forget about the existence of the carpet near the sofa.Carpet should contrast with the color of the floor.In this case, a dark floor mat and white.

Modern repair in the hall 18 meters.Picture 5

modern repair hall 18 meters.Photo 5

Curtains cream perfectly complement the design of the room of 16-18 square meters.m. Do the overall picture complete.

square hall with photo wallpapers

design room is slightly different from the previous ones.To make the walls of the designers used the beautiful wallpapers.

Beautiful renovation in the hall .Picture 6

Beautiful renovation in the hall.Photo 6

Beautiful renovation in the hall .Picture 7

Beautiful renovation in the hall.Photo 7

Repair in a hall with photo wallpapers .Picture 8

Repair in a hall with photo wallpapers.Photo 8

bright glossy stretch ceiling makes the room visually larger.A further spotlights only underlines this.

Making room with a niche for the TV.

Interior Design Hall 18 sq.m involves the construction of a small niche of plasterboard with spotlights width of 15-20 centimeters.

Beautiful wallpaper in the hall .Photo 9

Beautiful wallpaper in the hall.Photo 9

wallpaper in the hall combined three colors.

large white sofa irreplaceable thing in this case.

So we looked at four design room 16-18 square meters.m. Use our ideas for decorating your home or apartment.

fifth embodiment European hall

Living 18 - square - meter Living 18 - square - metrov2 Living 18 - square - metrov8 Living 18 - square - metrov7 Living 18 - square - metrov6 Living 18 - square - metrov5 Living 18 - square - metrov3

Sixth Hall.Lilac Fairy Tale

lilac fairy tale lilac - skazka2 lilac - skazkaz lilac - skazka4 lilac - skazka5 lilac - skazka6 lilac - skazka7

seventh embodiment of the hall from Alexey Sukhov

desizhn hall - 18 - sq - m 3 desizhn hall - 18 - square - martyr desizhn hall - 18 - square - m5 desizhn hall - 18 - square - mb desizhn hall - 18 - square - M7

Eighth interior of the hall

desizhn hall - 18 - sq - m desizhn hall - 18 - sq - m 2