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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a stylish living room with a kitchen .

Living Room Studio: the functionality of a small space

spacious premises without unnecessary walls and partitions, which conceal the size, are gaining popularity.If a couple of decades ago studios associated with the creative intelligentsia or budget housing poorer young people, now fills this philosophical concept has changed dramatically.It lifestyle and thinking format, which does not limit the artificial border walls.This clearly saved zoning, established a procedure for space to relax, work and cooking.The owner of the studio has a unique opportunity to create an exclusive interior, because imagination is not confined to ordinary apartments.

Interior design of living room with kitchen

Photo 1 - Interior design living room with

kitchenette For those who fit this interior

This interior is perfect for young couples.It organically combines modern trends in design and homely comfort.Warm pastel beige tones in the interior design creates a calm mood, helping to forget the hustle and bustle and work problems.

Making recreation area

Recreation area is dominant in this space.A comfortable sofa with decorative pillows ready to take in its embrace of the original owners of the home.The space next to it occupies a small coffee table with a transparent lid and two light chair on curved legs.Such instances could easily decorate the office noble ladies of past centuries, when attention was paid to the form and content.

Sitting area in a modern living room

Photo 2 - Sitting area in a modern living room

On the floor lay a carpet with an unusual pattern that creates volume, privnosyaschy individual notes in the interior.

Opposite the sofa is a low dresser with TV.Its roomy drawers can store a huge amount of discs with your favorite movies.On each side of the TV is a stereo system.Textured brick wall behind creates a special background, which attracts attention and at the same time determines the nominal boundary of space.

window on the wall gives enough natural light.Dense dark curtains and air curtains emit a dining area provided a massive dark table and bright chairs weightless.It can comfortably accommodate guests at a dinner party or dinner.

Making cabinets in bright living room

Photo 3 - Making cabinets in bright living

small shelf next to the table, framed by a thick frame in the manner of paintings, elegantly complement the image.Also, the shelves can be seen in the niches on the perimeter of the room.They are decorative and functional purpose, helping to organically post articles landlords.

kitchen decoration in the living room

Kitchen is located opposite the recreation area.Visually, it separates high long dresser with decorative grooves into which you can put newspapers, magazines, different stuff.

bright facades contrast with the dark built-in appliances.Work surfaces are supplemented by a table, so the kitchen is very spacious.

White chandelier with curved forms organically complement the interior and produce functional areas.This
Living Studio - stylish and ergonomic solution.It is long out of fashion, because it is made for a specific customer, but what is unique is out of time and short-term trends.

living room design by company: D & amp; A Interiors