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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen - living room with built-in appliances in the style of hi - tech .Design project

kitchen-living room is designed for a family of 2-4 people, accustomed to live in a busy rhythm when there is no time to take care of the details of family life.The life of such people everything is simple, concise, without pretentiousness.But the house for them to be the place where you can relax from everyday worries.

Photo 1 Kitchen Design Project combined with living

bright, muted colors, rounded shapes give peace and comfort home monastery.And although the design of the room is made in the style of hi-tech with the presence of metal and glass elements, it does not look cold and boring.Proper combination of white with beige and brown tones, incorporating blue and blue make the interior a rich and meaningful.

Photo 2 Kitchen design in hi-tech style.The floor is oak parquet

Beige it is dominant, it is present on the facades of furniture, flooring and upholstery sofas.Folded chairs of the original form of laminated plywood make unity with the same color table.Smooth streamlined

, teardrop-shaped furniture and decor elements relax and soothe.They can be traced in large ceiling lamps, chairs, white vases on the shelf above the TV in the picture on the wall.

Photo 3 Kitchen living room of 20 sq.m.Suspended cabinets in the living room

Photo 4 kitchen interior living room.Design of curtains for the living room 2014

kitchen-living room has two functional areas: dining area and a relaxation area. Dining zone consists of kitchen furniture and a large dining table. Sitting includes a large corner light beige sofa, coffee table and TV.Light upholstery help to identify unusual brown carpet on the floor, made in vytynanki technology.

Photo 5 Living Room 18, 19, 20 m - design.Bright sofa

special role in the interior lighting assigned.Lamps have various forms and purpose.Bluish linear lighting on the ceiling plasterboard perimeter as it raises it, making it higher.In the same light illuminated shelves of cabinets in the kitchen.It is very convenient - no need to open the cabinet door, to find the necessary thing.And the sliding glass door cold-bluish color here does not seem superfluous.

Picture 6 Sliding interior doors in the living room, matte color.

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