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August 12, 2017 18:06

Interior design bedroom with a combination wallpaper and long blond curtains

bedroom is designed for couples, preferring conciseness and simplicity.To give more volume of small rooms, it was decided to use the combined wallpaper in the bedroom.Light beige walls blend harmoniously with the brown laminate floor and visually increase the height of the room.

Photo Finish 1 bedroom with combined wallpaper.Glossy cabinet

There are no unnecessary things, everything is functional.bedroom space is formed around the center of meaning - a large double bed.On both sides there are only simple tables with reading lamps.Wall pasted over vinyl wallpaper with a pattern that simulates the carpet, headboard emphasizes the benefit double bed, covered with white leather.

Photo 2 designed in the bedroom.Fashionable light curtains

Decorates elegant bed linens beige.All the furniture has white high-gloss fronts and simple geometric shapes.She absolutely does not clutter the interior of the bedroom, and makes it even more light and airy.

Stand-dresser , thanks to rectangular m

irror can not only serve as a container for bedding and clothing, but also to perform some role dresser for the hostess.

Photo Bright 3 bedroom dresser.Rectangular mirror in the bedroom

Dense white curtains to the floor for the entire length of the walls do not miss the sun's rays and protect the bedroom from the outside world and give an intimate setting.

genuine decoration of the room is a delicate chandelier ornately curved elements, like a repeating pattern on the wall.Backlight LED ribbon on the perimeter if the main lamp can create a secluded, peaceful atmosphere.

Glossy Photo 4 wardrobe in the bedroom.Beautiful bedrooms

white furniture, light walls, discreet lighting make the bedroom a perfect place to relax.Only the carpet on the floor of the skins of unknown animals (possibly bear) makes a variety of austere interior and dilutes its brevity.