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August 12, 2017 18:06

The idea of design small bedroom 12 sqm room with balcony

Another project by Irina Happy.Design a small bedroom in beige tones.The bedroom is combined with a loggia.At the site of the former lodge turned out excellent work space (office)

Little bedroom with combined wallpaper.Interior Design

Photo 1 small bedroom with combined wallpaper.Interior design

cozy nest in pastel colors, light chintz wallpaper, fluffy carpet - what could be better for the rest of the evening?Small cute bedroom could not be better demonstrated prosperous life and good family relationships.

Wide comfortable milky white bed with high headboard, decorated light brown silk bedspread and a slide bright colored pillows, hospitable located in the center of the room.Great white bedside tables decorated with stylish lamps with soft light pink, with numerous objects of decoration and just pleasant trifles.

Design of a small bedroom, a room with balcony

Photo 2. Design a small bedroom, a room with balcony

floor of an expensive beige and brown shades contrasting laminate stacked "deck" (measured diagonally), emphasizes simplicity and sophistication of the interior.

combination of wallpaper in the bedroom with "chintz" big picture creates a bright spot on the white walls.Fits well into the interior of a huge mirror, visually increase the space.Nearby there is a built-in wardrobe of dark wood, in which comfortably accommodate all the necessary kitchen utensils.Opposite the bed - with LCD-screen a large modern TV.

The interior of the bedroom in a small apartment .An inexpensive option

Photo 3. Interior bedroom in a small apartment.An inexpensive option

in the bay window, separated from the room by a rectangular arch, which is located a makeshift work area, lit by the bright natural light from the window, with convenient shelves on the wall, a folding desk and a soft recliner.

Decorating a small bedroom in bright colors.Photo repair

Photo 4. Decorating a small bedroom in bright colors.Photo repair

ceiling in the bedroom is made of drywall.This ceiling design is not chosen by chance. in the console two-level ceiling, mounted bright LED lamps in combination with lamps, hidden in the ceiling panels.Ceiling lighting is complemented by discreet successfully bedside lights and wall lights.

The combination of wallpaper in a small bedroom .Interior Design

Photo 5. The combination of wallpaper in a small bedroom.Interior design

in tone with dark furniture and colorful wallpaper made heavy dark brown curtains that serve as striking element of decoration on background made in bright colors interior bedroom.Paul decorate the fluffy rug in warm light brown tones, similar to the color schemes floor and quilted bedspreads.Large decorative flower blends harmoniously into the overall design of the room.

If you do not know what design to choose for the bedroom, the interior boldly embody those ideas that we offer you.

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