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August 12, 2017 18:06

3 bedroom design ideas .Beautiful and modern bedroom interiors .

beautiful little bedroom.The combination of white and green flowers

modern materials were used in the design of this bedroom.

Photo 1 - Repair of small white bedroom 13 square meters.m.

Finish bedroom wall is made in the traditional style, they are covered with light-colored wallpaper with understated geometric patterns.A number of fixtures that are built on the level of the head of the bed, creating a soft bedside lighting.The same device is repeated at the lighting device, shallow racks.

The arrangement of bedrooms used a minimum set of furniture: built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors and closed shelves for storage details, merging the color of the bedroom walls.

Picture 2 - bedroom in a contemporary style.On the walls of paper wallpaper

white bedroom walls allow to play with shapes and texture, using the location of works of art, bed linen and accessories.

In this case, the bright green color palette creates a natural primary accent color in a restrained by

the nature of the interior.

bedroom walls are decorated with paintings in the style of pop art.

small bedroom in a youth style brick wall

Photo 3 - Design a small youth bedroom in grunge style brick wall with 14 square meters.m.

idea bedrooms in urban youth style looks soft.An example illustrates how the look of the room is changed by a selection of works of art and the most simple decorations.On the white wall of dark gray paint to draw a tree.It looks very nice and stylish.

Photo 4 - A beautiful bedroom for the young.But the skin of the floor

The main emphasis in the design of the room is placed on the wall, lined with "aged" brick light, which is adjacent to a large comfortable bed with a cushioned headboard.On a brick wall, creating the effect of coolness, is projected illustration, corresponding to the character and mood of the master bedroom.

Design gray bedroom, combined with a loggia

spacious bedroom with fitted recreational loggia is a cross between a luxury bathroom in a city apartment and in the number of luxury hotels.

Photo 5 - Registration of a bedroom with a balcony in a modern style, 15, 16 sq.m.

The decoration of the bedroom commonly used drywall, which is built with the help of a complex two-stage architecture ceiling.In the bedroom there is no chandelier.For lighting, linear lighting, emit zone above the bed.The ceiling is carved a niche in which was placed eaves supporting heavy silk curtains.

Photo 6 - The dark curtains in the bedroom.Gypsum ceiling with lighting

Photo 7 - The interior of a cozy bedroom with a plasterboard ceiling

bedroom walls decorated with unusual materials imitating cork.Soft texture and natural colors cover gives the interior solidity and creates a special atmosphere of comfort.

Photo 8 - Finish bedrooms.On the floor carpet.Non-woven wallpaper on the walls.

Colours, which decided the room, very restrained - "chocolate and whipped cream."Bedspread, stylish carpet, thin curtains neutral white color.

Photo 9 - Roman blinds for plastic windows on the balcony

interior solidity violate large clock mounted on the wall above the headboard - making the interior a touch of irony.

Photo 10 - Bright insulated balcony.Finishing balcony

The adjoining bedroom is equipped with a winter lodge almost a mini-garden.Semantic load space supports green furniture and posters with pictures of flowers.