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August 12, 2017 18:06

Small bedroom design 13 , 14 sq.m.combined with the wallpaper for a young couple

Bedroom is decorated mainly in two colors, symbolizing the union of the two principles.The unique design of creative and business like a young couple.Motivated and energetic people certainly will attract the wall opposite the bed, as if calling forward in search of something new and unknown.

Photo 1 - Design project a small bedroom for young people

in the room very little furniture besides it looks small and inconspicuous, as it merges with the wall.This merging is achieved by proper selection of colors, several types of room lighting.

entire central area of ​​the bed covers.The seeming much less than its true size bed carries several functions: it can be and to sleep and relax, watch favorite movies, just to talk with your loved one.That is, replaces the bed and a sofa and chair for reading magazines, conversations.

Picture 2 - bedroom project with combined wallpaper for young people

lack of spare parts, unnecessary additional cabinets and shelves visually expands the space.

It would be in such an arrange hotel rooms, which do not require a lot of shelves and cabinets for storage.This unusual bedroom would be a great gift for a wedding.

Photo 3 - small bedroom decor 13, 14 bright colors.An unusual option chandeliers

Location of the furniture speaks to their destination in love couple.On both sides next to the bed, put a small dark cabinets above the bed - original one tone shelf against the wall.

Young will be very comfortable here.Movies would give double the pleasure, thanks to the interesting design of the wall, which has a TV.Figure photowall a road "zebra" and calls "cross the road" to stand "under the streetlight."Convenient headboard serves as couch.

Photo 4 - Photo wall in the bedroom in blue tones.Big TV on the wall near the

bed in this room is possible to be alone, to hide from the world, the city.That is what is the main advantage of this room.The bedroom should be such where you can forget everything, to close the eyes of all.