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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modern bedroom with a cabinet .Podium and glass floor

bedroom interior, filled with light, pouring from everywhere, creates a nice, friendly attitude to all the coming day.This interior is quite acceptable and suitable for a young family.

Design a bedroom with a podium .Beige bedroom

Photo 1 - Design a bedroom with a podium.Beige bedroom

bedroom with a podium - the original version, where the bed is located on a small hill - the podium.

Adjacent to the headboard wall is lined with snow-white decorative stone, the center of which are arranged improvised shelves with decorative elements.

Design a beautiful and modern bedroom with a podium and lighting floor

Photo 2 Design a beautiful and modern bedroom with a podium and lighting floor

On the right side of the bed set up another snow-white corner: this three broad stylized columns of plasterboard, visually "support"panel ceiling with indoor and outdoor lamps.

Floors made of laminate, texture resembling dark wood and white advantageous shielding of the room decoration.

Bedroom, combined with a loggia .Cabinet on the loggia

Picture 3 bedroom, combined with a loggia.Cabinet on the balcony

beds arranged around the narrow grooves laid

out large marine pebbles.Illuminated bright bluish glow of the stones and the lower bed frame create a feeling of coolness of winter.The lack of bedside tables compensated work area with a mirror, a small table, a dresser and a bright chair.Bedroom, combined with the Cabinet - a successful addition in the regeneration of life of a young family.

Bedroom design after repair in Moscow.Decorating the walls with plaster before painting

Picture 4 Bedroom after design repair in Moscow.Decorating the walls with plaster for painting

snow-white interior elements combined with beige and pink the rest of the bedroom walls. bedroom, combined with a loggia - an example of the separation space into functional zones.Close to a wide window on both sides of the balconies are massive open dark brown natural wood cabinets, completes the transition from the bright white "winter" of the space to the pleasant warmth of natural materials.

Interior light a small bedroom .White stretch ceiling .Wardrobe Plasterboard

Photo 5 Interior light large bedroom.White stretch ceiling.Wardrobe Plasterboard

are decorated bedroom there are soft accents that do not violate the overall interior harmony: orange flower, lamp with beige shade, checkered warm blanket, casually thrown on the bed, white foam pillows at the head - all of these elements complement the originaldesign space.

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