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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design modern bedroom 15-16 sq .m . with textured wallpaper and hanging shelves

presented variant registration bedroom in country-style likely to appeal to fans of ekostilya.In winter it is a cozy corner, emphasized simple and, at first glance, even nezateylivyy- has to reflect and slow work at the table.

Bedroom.Designed in the style of the country and Ecostyle

Photo 1 - Bedroom.Designed in the style of the country and Ecostyle 16 sq.m

Decorating the walls in the bedroom

The decoration of small bedrooms used an interesting technique:. Each of the walls are different views and color finishing material used.Thus, the wall, which is adjacent to the headboard, similar in color and texture of natural stone - a clear element inherent environmental style.

Making the walls in the bedroom .Combined wallpaper .Large white carpet

Photo 2 - Making the walls in the bedroom.Combined wallpaper.Large white carpet

decorating the windows in the bedroom

large window, almost completely occupies the wall, decorated deliberately simple in form and color of the curtains, free flowing in the room daylight.The green color used in their design, as is the favorite color ekodizaynerov.

Repair bedroom.Design project of bedrooms in country style

Photo 3 - Repair bedrooms.Design a bedroom project in country-style 15 sq.m.

general feeling supports the floor made of wood flooring natural tone and pattern.

design furniture in the room

bedroom furnished with simple geometric shapes.A large wooden bed painted white.In the same style made small work table.Fully enclosed cabinets simple form, bedside tables and dressing table are also not different extravagance.In accordance with the overall style setting - furniture is made in two basic colors: white and light green.

Decorating the bedroom.Wall cabinets .Stretch ceiling

Photo 4 - Finish bedrooms.Wall cabinets.Stretch ceiling

an important role in the design plays textiles."Patchwork" quilt and pillows, made in the "patchwork" style, plaid, striped pillowcase - bright representatives of country style.All this taken together makes the bed in the bedroom dominant color element.The same theme keeps a simple carpet in green and white.

Signs of modernity: TV, computer, lights, resembling spotlights - harmoniously fit into the design without breaking the overall style of the room.

Despite the seeming simplicity of this design, in fact it is not easy.It uses a set of cleverly arranged individual elements, different in shape, color, texture, that ultimately creates a total calm and welcoming atmosphere of the bedrooms.

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