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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fashionable and modern design of the bedrooms with the use of combined wallpaper.3 ideas

The project presents different variants of bedrooms , in each of which there is a highlight.Without a doubt, each option is interesting in its own way, and it will attract the attention of a potential customer, the nature and the needs which it will respond to the greatest degree.

The design of modern bedroom .Suspended cabinets .Green carpet

Photo 1 - Design a modern bedroom.Suspended cabinets.Green carpet

The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom .Making walls wood

Picture 2 - Combining the wallpaper in the bedroom.Making walls under rerevo

Design a small bedroom with wall shelves .Lighting Design bedroom

Photo 3 - Design a small bedroom with wall shelves.Lighting Design bedrooms

Curtains design in a small bedroom .White stretch ceiling

Photo 4 - Curtains design in a small bedroom.White stretch ceiling

first option design in the style of the bedroom, close to Scandinavian.This style is characterized by a calm and balanced form of colors, functionality and practicality of all the elements.

bedroom walls are completely finished combined vinyl wallpaper against which highlighted interesting doorway in white, which is television.The white color is represented by the bed, he repeated in faceplates bedside tables

and curtain blocks located above them.For storage details wooden shelf serves as a uniting wall cabinets.

Lighting bedrooms delicate , imperceptible, creating the illusion of natural daylight color even in the evening hours.The colors and textures of textiles in common with wood-paneled walls.

Large plants in outdoor pots and green toilet pouf placed emphasis natural colors.

Design a bedroom for the young men .Gray - the main

Photo 5 - bedroom design for a young man.Gray - the main

Walls in the bedroom .Drawing on a white wall

Photo 6 - Walls in the bedroom.Drawing on a white wall

Small bedroom design in gray with a built -in wardrobe compartment

Photo 7 - Design a small gray bedroom with fitted wardrobe coupe

second option is an ideal bedroom for stylish young men.

The main emphasis in the design of the room is placed on the wall, lined with "aged" brick light, which is adjacent to a large comfortable bed with a cushioned headboard.On a brick wall, the effect of soda coolness projected image corresponding to the character and mood of the master bedroom.

wardrobe doors painted "graffiti" and built-in shelves for storage of books, CDs and other things - to form a single entity with a white wall and entrance door of the white.

Textiles submitted to the minimum dose in the form of a cozy shaggy carpet chocolate color and the same curtains on the windows.Through the thin translucent curtain of a large window visible landscape of the big city.

stylish fixtures and works of art complete the look of the room.

The idea bedroom interior cream color .The design of a large bedroom

Photo 8 - The idea of ​​the interior bedrooms cream.The design of a large bedroom

Design bedroom lighting .Duplex plasterboard

Photo 9 - Bedroom lighting design.Duplex plasterboard

The idea bedrooms for young people .A large headboard

Photo 10- idea bedrooms for young people.A large headboard

In a third embodiment presented a refined interior, designed in soft cream colors.

main role in the design of complex multi-stage space allocated ceiling, which houses the built-point and linear lamps.They create a soft diffused light over the head of the bed, independently illuminated dressing table and create the effect of "starry sky" in the part of the ceiling adjacent to the window opening.

Almost monochrome interior is enlivened by a detail.This unusual mirrored balls that adorn the head of the bed, luxurious panels of vanity and expensive flowers in beautiful vases, placed on bedside tables.

Dear bed in the classical style is the center around which the whole composition is built bedrooms.