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August 12, 2017 18:06

The modern design of a small bedroom in an art deco style for a young family with a child

Interior design small bedroom .Gray walls and chocolate-colored cushion

Photo 1 - Interior design small bedroom 10-13 sq.m. The gray walls and chocolate-colored cushion

Bedroom designed for young parents with a small child .In the aspect of style design decision could be attributed to functionalism, if not a huge mural in the form of traditional quilted upholstery leather upholstered furniture.

This panel is made in a very large scale, visually reduces the bedroom space, but to create a completely unique effect eclectic toy room.Bedroom just 10-13 sq.m.

This basic design idea toy room is perfectly suited to the fact of living in the room the baby - the entire population of the bedroom playing a childhood game.Image upholstery combines perfectly with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadult bedroom and undoubtedly reflects the love of life, humor and optimism owners.

What colors used in the interior of the bedroom

Interior design small bedroom for parents and a small child ( baby )

Photo 2 - Interior design small bedroom for parents and a small child (baby)

interior has a grayish-ocher tonescolors, based on the accents of dar

k brown furniture, flooring and curtains.Good Point elements of light sand color are perceived by the principal in the general solution.

This interior is, of course, is to get the highest rating of good functional solution, perfectly expressed in ingenious design idea.When the apparent stinginess used colors, materials and facilities, the interior makes an impression thanks to the well thought-out completed graduation major and minor parts, supplemented by details.

Planning bedrooms

Bedrooms with fitted wardrobes and a white ceiling plasterboard

Picture 3 - bedroom with fitted wardrobes and a white ceiling plasterboard

Although bedrooms Ramer (of 12-13 sq.m.) in leveling and functionally bedroom built on the axis of symmetry of adult beds.This axis is parallel to the window and ends with a large plasma screen on the wall.Huge soft quilted panels, framing the head of the bed, placed on the same axis.

This distinct symmetry adds a cot and a small table in front of her.This group occupies a third of the area near the bedroom window.Great iconic decorative element - a modern photo absolutely adequate interior color - corresponds with plasma-screen TVs, located nearby.A large photo, a plasma screen and a spectacular minimalist shelf underneath clearly counterbalance the main component of the interior - soft leather quilted panels around the head.Trey ceilings perceived another frame - for chandeliers.

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