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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modern design apartment with dressing room and balcony

The proposed design of the apartment is designed in modern style and is designed for a family consisting of people marching in step with the times.There are four residential premises: living room, bedroom, nursery for preschoolers, for teen room.

living design in the apartment.The ceiling with lighting - Picture 1

Photo wall in the living room - the nature, the mountains, the river - Photo 2

furniture in all the rooms has a simple shape without unnecessary details.This adds it easy to use and helps to relax after a busy day residents.But a lot of interesting and useful gizmos interior details are located on open shelves, which are in all rooms sufficient.Not forgotten, and works of art.Well-blended and the curtains in the living cocoa color.An interesting solution: the composition of several paintings successfully fill portions of the walls of the sofas.

Making a living room 14, 15, 16 sq.m.renovated - Photo 3

seemingly simple at first glance, design apartment decorated in a

pleasant, quiet gray-beige tones.The floors are mostly made of laminate with wood pattern, repeating almost the color of ceilings in all rooms (only on the darker tone).The only exceptions are a bathroom, where the sand color ceramic floor tiles in combination with the walls turquoise reminiscent of the sea, as well - kitchen and hallway, which is used on the floor of dark color ceramic that can withstand high loads inherent in these premises.

Kitchen interior light color 10, 11, 12 sq.m.- Photo 4

glass kitchen apron blue.Zoning light - Photo 5

Distinguish the interior of the apartment window, decorated with Roman curtains neutral color, which in the open state does not interfere admire the stunning views of the metropolis from a bird's flight.

style bedroom interior with combined wallpaper - Photo 6

interesting design solution: the use of photo wallpaper with the image of nature, creates a sense of boundless space and balances the urban landscape outside the window.Theme wallpaper in the living room - the mountain, symbolizing the achievement of successful people, and in the nursery, where live young dreamers - sea and sky in the clouds.In addition, there is an interesting element that attracts attention - a goose floating on the ceiling.It blends harmoniously into the overall picture.

Design bedroom apartment 8, 9, 10, 11 sq.m.- Photo 7

Wardrobe chest of drawers in the bedroom - Photo 8

The whole design of the apartment laid out in detail.Especially noticeable competent organization of lighting.In addition to the upper adjustable light in all the rooms there are additional lighting.For example, in the kitchen of the dining table "frozen" stylish ergonomic ceiling pendant light sources (the same shape have the sconces in the other rooms), working surfaces and plate illuminated dot.

Dressing in the apartment - Photo 9

Dressing room and ironing room - Photo 10

Kitchen apron glass turquoise reminiscent of the lake and fills the kitchen a special freshness, it softens the rigidity of the metallic surfaces of the facades of kitchenfurniture.The same role is played by wild flowers on the table and wicker grill under the window.On the balcony, which has the unusual shape of a semicircle near decorated with stone walls arranged a place to rest.

design for teen rooms 9, 10, 11, 12 sq.m.Sofa bed - Photo 11

Room for a teenager.Ceiling lights - Photo 12

Modern apartment interior is replete with achievements of scientific and technological progress: in every room - plasma immodest size and modern computer, in the bathroom - hydro - massage device, enclosed in angle acrylic bowl and shower withnumerous adaptations for comfort water treatments.Not to mention the already usual elements: Electric driers for towels and washing machine, occupying free spaces in the abode of purity.

Children for two boys 5, 6, 7, 8 years old - Photo 13

Bunk bed in the nursery for boys.Sports area and a computer game - Image 13

room for two children of preschool age - 14 Photo

Children's room is decorated with bright nontrivial furniture accessories and sportswear wall with a variety of exercise machines.

Combined bathroom in the apartment - Photo 15

Bathroom 5, 6, 7 sq.m.Spotlights in the bathroom - Photo 16

Bathroom with shower - Photo 17

presented interior of the apartment is distinguished by: easy perception of a whole design and increased functionality.Here, everything in its place, there is nothing superfluous, all the conditions for a bright eventful life and a comfortable pleasant stay.

Warm balcony with tables.Roman blinds on plastic windows - Photo 18

bookcase on warming the balcony in the apartment - Photo 19

corridor design with combined wallpaper - photo 20

small hallway in the apartment,clearance renovated - Photo 21