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August 12, 2017 18:06

Classic style in a Moscow apartment with a kitchen-dining room and a modern bathroom

stylistic solution used in the decoration of walls, typical of the classical style: it's bright color and monotone, without patterns and geometric shapes.Fabric wallpaper look expensive and stylish, white stucco used in the decoration, enlivens walls without overloading them.Composed of wooden slats belyx elongated rectangles divide the space into smaller areas, which are located in the center of vibrant patterns and air bras.

Interior in classic style large living room 2014

Photo 1 - Interior in classical style large living room 2014

In order to expand the space in the living room, a special niche of drywall, which "leave" cabinets, shelves and TV.It visually increases room and removes some bulky items, not allowing them to cling to the view.

floor finishing in the apartment

floor apartment decorated with oak parquet , stout and reliable.Not only does it serve for many years, without drying and without deformation, but also looks a lot more solid.wood color can be a contrasting dark in the living room, and a lighter in the

bedroom.It is covered, carpeted, which simply must be present in the interior of the classical style, and the bulk furniture in the living room and bedroom.

Living room in classic style .gypsum ceiling

Photo 2 - Living in a classic style.Gypsum ceiling

The kitchen-dining room floor is covered with ceramic plates SLR that combines well with tabletops made of artificial stone or marble.To diversify the monotonous color, the joints between the slabs made white.

Finish ceiling

classic style ceiling in a classic style should be high and smooth.bright colors are used mainly.As decorations used the so-called two-level ceilings - decorative groove, made of gypsum board, framed by stucco to match the rectangles on the walls.The living room ceiling is realized in the form of walking in rows of squares, in the bedroom and in the kitchen doorway just one, but it is much broader.

Sofas in a classic interior.Wooden table

Photo 3 - sofas in a classic interior.Wooden table

Almost in all areas used by hanging chandeliers, while in the living room light is directed upward and is scattered in the bedroom downstairs.The bathroom used spotlights, as the ceiling there is a tension, light bulbs in these lamps energy-saving.

furniture in the interior

furniture in classical interior is characterized by sophistication, functionality and sustainability.Smooth lines and geometrically correct forms are the basis.To make the massive furniture ease in the bedroom wooden cabinets feet, padded stools and beds are slightly curved and decorated at the bottom of the thread.In contrast to the slight detail headboard, ottoman and ottoman made of monochromatic dark skin.

The walls are decorated with stucco , wallpaper for painting .The sofa in the classic interior

Photo 4 - The walls are decorated with stucco, wallpaper for painting.The sofa in classic interior

The living reigns dark wood, from which made small polished tables, cabinets and shelves.Basic furniture is made without decorative elements, but the upholstery of the sofa and chairs made of light fabric with large floral pattern.This creates a balance without taking away space in any direction.

Interior design bedroom in a classic style .Large dark bed and couch .

Photo 5 - Interior Design bedroom in a classic style.Large dark bed and couch.

bright cabinets, built-in appliances and chairs in the kitchen-dining room in harmony with dark glossy tabletops and a massive dining table classic rectangular shape.

Kitchen -dining room with a bar .The floor is glossy terracotta

Photo 6 - Kitchen-dining room with a bar.The floor is glossy terracotta

deserves special attention bar in the kitchen.In size it is huge.It is made according to strict Kononov classical style.Countertop bar Duplex, perform artificial stone or dark-colored marble.For such a nice and sit and stand.

Large dining wooden table .Coffee curtains and mirror in classic style

Photo 7 - A large dining wooden table.Coffee curtains and mirror in classic style

appear vivid pictures, placed on the shelves themed items, vases as decorative elements.

Stylish bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi

Photo 8 - Stylish bathroom with shower and Jacuzzi

in the living room eye-catching details are a pair of vintage candlesticks, painted lamp near a wall, a few pillows on a sofa and a small figurine of a TV.They successfully fill the void in the interior.

The kitchen is the main decorative element is the large elongated mirror frame which, sandblasted way.It not only extends the space, but also takes a blank wall. - Forum professional designers