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August 12, 2017 18:06

Very modern apartment with a kitchen - living room and an office with high ceilings

interior a spacious 4-room apartment, decorated in soothing light colors, without unnecessary details, where everything is subordinated to the idea of ​​comfort and functionality.The floors are made of wood, not burdened carpets emphasize the simple elegance of the interiors.The apartment is as if filled with sunlight playing with bright patches of light on the walls and a small furniture.Everything indicates that this is a Scandinavian-style interior.

Modern interior design of the apartment with cabinet

Photo 1 - Modern apartment interior design with a cabinet

design of walls, ceiling and floor in the four-room apartment

Painted in pink and beige colors wall bedrooms givewarmth and comfort.Originally looks combination of smooth and decorative plaster relief on the walls.The same decoration adorns the walls of the living room-kitchen, where the flat walls of the living room are made shallow niches in which with the help of plaster made the original drawings, the texture reminiscent of pink marble.

Design living room - kitchen with blue curtains.With built-in refrigerator

Photo 2 - Design living ro

om-kitchen with blue curtains.With built-in refrigerator

Perfectly smooth duplex plasterboard ceiling in the living room effectively emphasizes broad curly white borders.All living spaces are arranged ceilings of different shapes and heights, depending on the functional purpose of the premises.

Living room with a kitchen with a large mirror .Gypsum ceiling design

Photo 3 - Dining room with kitchen with a large mirror.Gypsum ceiling design

Sex in the bedroom and the office - from high-quality laminate, repeats the structure of wood.In the combined kitchen-living room, toilet and bathroom on the floor is laid ceramic tile, corresponding invoices and sizes.In the kitchen-living room with tiled floor is covered with amazingly beautiful sparkling light tiles with geometric patterns, emphasizing the purity and freshness of the room.

Modern bright bedroom .Decorating the walls with decorative plaster .

Photo 4 - Modern bright bedroom.Decorating the walls with decorative plaster.

furniture in the interior of the apartment

minimum amount of furniture in the apartment is completely provides all the necessary features in every room:

  • wide snow-white bed with a highelegant headboard and bedside tables for the convenience of the owners extended the extended couch.Low white chest of drawers and a leather white armchair complement and complete the ensemble.
    Walls in the bedroom picture.White chest of drawers in the bedroom .

    Photo 5 - Walls painting in the bedroom.White chest of drawers in the bedroom.

  • Filled with diffused light cabinet in the apartment, where modernity is combined with heavy classics, gives the impression of solidity and wealth owner.The workplace is equipped with a massive mahogany desk, high chair with silk upholstery.The main part of the cabinet is decorated with light furniture, consisting of an open oak walls combined with high sofa and small round coffee table.
    Interior design office in the apartment.Leather sofa in an animal on the floor kabinete.Shkura

    Photo 6 - Interior Design office in the apartment.Leather sofa in an animal on the floor kabinete.Shkura

  • central place in the apartment - kitchen-living - equipped with expensive furniture, from kitchen wall in yellow and gray colors and finishing kitchen design garnituromoriginalnogoconsisting of tyazhelogoobedennogo table with glass top with a set of chairs.Furniture living area is reliable and easy: milky white sofa with lots of colorful pillows, which can accommodate the entire family after a heavy meal.
    Stylish bathroom Combined peach color .The walls and floor are tiled

    Photo 7 - Stylish bathroom peach color.The walls and floor are tiled

original ceiling, wall and bedside lights provide both general and local lighting, in accordance with the destination premises.

Bathroom tiles decorated general .On the wall of a large mirror .

Photo 8 - Bathroom decorated tiles wide.On the wall of a large mirror.

few elements of decor perfectly fit into the overall interior design.Light flying curtains of light translucent materials, decorative flowers, some bright futuristic paintings.Fluffy rug in the living room, exotic animal skins on the floor in the room - that's all the decorations in this stylish, intense sunlight apartment.