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August 12, 2017 18:06

Interior of the apartment with a combined living room with kitchen , and a children's playroom

Key elements of the interior:

  • living room, kitchen;
  • sliding wardrobe in the hallway with a large mirror instead of a door;
  • Combining wallpaper throughout apartment;
  • White carpet in the living room
  • multilevel plasterboard ceilings;
  • presence of child and gaming rooms.

Three-bedroom apartment consists of living room with kitchen, sleeping room parents, children and playroom.At first glance, all the space is designed in classic style, but upon closer examination, it would be correct to call the Art Deco.Here it combines several styles, as in the living room there are evident signs of high-tech, and the rooms can be traced minimalist touch.

Interior living room with open plan kitchen

Photo 1 - Interior living room with open plan kitchen

Color solution in an apartment

whole apartment, it's a game with different shades of gray, somewhere it is dilutedwhite, somewhere in black, sometimes it spills over into brown or lavender hue.The walls are painted in large extent, different techniques of p

ainting, stucco elements and lighting solution, let them not look boring and monotonous.In each room there are combined the wallpaper, in the children's bedroom wallpaper with paper birds in the game with a variety of aircraft, in the kitchen is finished with a dark wall vinyl wallpaper with ornaments, and in the parents' bedroom, bedside wall has an intricate openwork white.

Living room with carpet.The ceiling and drywall

Photo 2 - Living room with carpet.The ceiling and drywall

Floor Finish

floors not contrasting with the general background in a beautiful bright room laid parquet floor in the hallway and kitchen - floor tiles.But if in the kitchen tiles is a big islands contrasting shades, visually delineating territory, the corridor is almost white floor with small dark squares, which is very typical of the classical style.

Interior of modern bedroom.Fashionable dark curtains 2014

Photo 3 - Interior of modern bedroom.Fashionable dark curtains 2014


Ceilings throughout the apartment are painted white, in the kitchen, living room and bedroom in an adult, they are duplex.Construction of plasterboard ceilings allow to emphasize its height, and the presence of different elements and features stucco configuration, making the ceiling in every room does not look like one another.

furniture in the interior of the kitchen, living room with

Kitchen furniture made of wood, with sharp straight lines.Countertops in the kitchen light marble.The only decoration of the headset can be considered a glass door wall cabinets, but noble white and understated classic not allowed to call it is not interesting.In addition, his background, elegant dining area with armchairs and silver table, looks more advantageous.The apron in the kitchen is decorated with a mosaic of bright colors.Good fit built-in refrigerator and appliances.

The design of a modern kitchen with integrated fridge 2014

Photo 4 - The design of a modern kitchen with integrated fridge 2014

Thanks rectangular brilliant dining table and chrome legs stools, classic kitchens and metal hi-tech living room does not resonate, even though thethat coffee table made of metal and glass of the angular contrast.

Small kitchen with built-in appliances .On the floor tiles

Photo 5 - A small kitchen with built-in appliances.On the floor tiles

crouch down in the living room can be a large modern sofa.Soft velvet upholstery softens its crisp geometric lines.Both bedrooms are not distinguished by a large set of furniture, classic bed and matching bedside tables.

Games and children's rooms


Photo 6 - Children's room for the two boys.On the walls of paper wallpaper


Photo 7 - Child's room for two boys.Trendy curtains 2014

In the children's playroom and white running the same sets of furniture, consisting of closed cabinets and drawers. Playroom large enough, in her soft sofa in front of the TV set, a break from the kids watching cartoons can take board games.To do this, the room has a children's table and chairs.

Game room for the two boys.Combined wallpaper, parquet floor light

Photo 8 - Playroom for the two boys.Combined wallpaper, parquet floor light

In the hallway there is a large mirrored wall, which the cabinet door coupe.Classic style is emphasized by a small couch with curved black legs in unison to her a little distance is the same table.


Photo 9 - Child's room with blackout curtains on the floor a light parquet

Osveschniya in the interior of the apartment

play of light and shade is achieved by spot lighting on the ceiling.The combined living room with kitchen and in the bedroom of parents, in the center of the ceiling, large carob chandeliers, distinct style.In children's rooms - closed plastic ceiling.

Large wall mirror in the hallway

Photo 10 - Large mirror wall in the hallway

The interior of the small hall , decorated with ceramic tiles

Photo 11 - The interior of the small hall, decorated with ceramic tiles

Virtually the only decoration of the entire space apartment are various small paintings and photos, within a square black and white.Living room wall is decorated with a large mural of square plates with a dull metallic sheen, which are distributed a bit chaotic, but at the same time deliberately.