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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of a building in a minimalist style , fashion in 2014

In this case, the combined two apartments (one and two) in one.All received apartment after finishing began to seem even more, thanks to the skillful use of techniques, characteristic of modern minimalism .Gray interior is in fashion in 2014.

Decorating the walls in kvaritre

The walls are painted matte paint light gray warm shade of color.The first noticeable high quality surfaces, bounded on top foam cornice profile.Wall color consciously background that does not detract attention from the apartment filling.The walls are decorated with full bathroom with ceramic tiles arranged in a contrasting combination of more expensive tile dark rich texture and a bright background tiles remaining walls.

floor finishing in the apartment

Perfectly presented to the interior flooring made of natural wood flooring.It effectively combines all the facilities of its rich, olive-mustard-colored mass.Gender is framed by bright calm walls as a frame.It helps to take the floor in a single room co

mbined kitchen and living room.

Design ceiling lamps in the interior of the apartment

Throughout the apartment used white matte stretch ceiling.In the kitchen, formed a small lower tier of plasterboard.The built-in ceiling spotlights for illumination of the kitchen area in the living room.

Chandeliers perfectly complement the interior and emphasize the style - minimalism.

interior design furniture apartment

Kitchen living room decorative split screen .Parquet and tile in the kitchen

Photo 1 - Kitchen living room decorative split screen.Parquet and tile in the kitchen

The design of the kitchen in the living room two-bedroom apartment.Screen between the kitchen and living room

Photo 2 - Design kitchens living in two-bedroom apartment.Screen between the kitchen and living room

The dining area in the kitchen .Kitchen brown

Photo 3 - Dining area in the kitchen.Kitchen brown

Design living room with decorative fireplace .The walls are gray

Photo 4 - Design of a living room with decorative fireplace.The walls are gray

Design a bedroom in a minimalist style .The walls in the bedroom gray

Photo 5 - Design a bedroom in a minimalist style.gray walls in the bedroom

Design a bathroom with shower .Trendy 2014

Photo 6 - Design a bathroom with shower.Fashionable 2014

All the furniture in the apartment is modern, well look wooden elements of the bed and clear the dinner table, wooden elements also constitute a constructive basis of seats in the dining area.The color of the furniture is combined with the design of the walls.

chairs too modern species, their laconic soft part of the light imitation leather with a slight profiling rests on springy steel brackets forming the legs and armrests.

Redevelopment slightly increased the size of bedrooms and it easily accommodate a large bed with a decorative wooden frame across the bottom.Such a frame would be dangerous in a normal room.

massive, fully upholstered sofa with woven upholstery matched separately.Coffee table next to it is a small circulation object is selected for this interior.

Kitchen furniture complex - a modern postforming dark tone with a slight relief on the doors of furniture.Made concise, functional - but interesting.

d├ęcor and minimalist style - a little, but impressive.Provided a large decorative fireplace with avant-garde lamp on his shelf, vegetable compositions in vases and metal design grid screen between a sofa and a dining table.To use modern large prints - printed images - on the tissue.A large plasma screen is also seen as an element of decor.

project Author: Alexander Coastal

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