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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design beige and brown bath .Photos brown bathroom

Design project of brown bathroom with built-in furniture

Photo 1. Design project brown bathroom with built-in furniture

At first glance, attention is attracted by lighting a bathroom.Winning solutions here are additional lighting and the choice of light colors for walls.Rectangular joints lines help visually expand the bathroom.Also, this function is played, and a selection of contrasting colors vertical, mirror, glass partition.Glass and mirrors create a play of light in the room, giving it a special uniqueness.

bathroom furniture

Square features all the furniture in the bathroom makes them invisible.One tone with wall tiles washing machine, cupboard, toilet are inconspicuous, as it merges with the wall.Opening the door, first transparent wall is evident (partition) on the other hand.Neither bath or toilet bowl is not visible.And it seems that it is not en suite.

Conduit pipes in the bathroom plasterboard

Photo 2. Conduit pipes in the bathroom plasterboard

Location of the furniture should be comfortable for a room hosts.Opposite the entrance door to the bathroom with

a bath, a glass partition on it visually push the wall on.The toilet is hidden from view behind a partition.Washing machine, basket for dirty laundry and cupboard are close by, making it easier to load and unload the laundry: there is a place where to put a variety of detergents and cleaning the house.The capacious wardrobe enables you to store here hygiene products, towels and so on.

bath decor .Tile combination of brown and white

Photo 3. Decoration bathroom.The combination of tiles of brown and white

next to the washing machine is the same stand.This place says about living in a woman's apartment.Vanity can serve as storage space for cosmetics and various hygiene products.The hostess here can lead themselves in order to carry out various beauty treatments to care for themselves.

Beautiful design project combined bathroom

Picture 4. Beautiful design project combined bathroom

Bathroom design represented a way suggests that it can use both adults and children.That is a bathroom design is suitable for childless couples and for families with children.Selected for the finishing materials are easy to clean, and it is important for people with children.

About hosts the apartment (house) is often judged by the way they framed bathroom (hygiene).What is the bathroom, these are people.The proposed version of the design of this room is like any guest in the house.Since it combines a quiet, cozy atmosphere and at the same time, the playfulness of light rays, universal colors and details related to modernism.

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