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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a ceramic tiles for the bathroom.Practical advice

ceramic tile How to choose

Among the many types of decoration materials ceramic tile is highly practical, democratic price and variety of decor.Because of these properties, this material is often chosen for decoration of modern interiors.

for repairs in the bathroom we wonder.How to choose tiles for the bathroom?The answer can be found in our recommendations.

Influence tile shapes the perception of space

existing stereotype of the standard square-shaped tiles today destroyed.In modern premises it has become fashionable to use the tiles as a hexagon, octagon or rounded edges.This creates an unusual perception of space, where even the tile joints are perceived somewhat differently.

tiles Size matters

increase the visual space

Small tiles visually increases space.Therefore, it is more suitable for a small room, for example, a bathroom or a small corridor.Choosing tile for a large audience or a huge hall, you should stay on the tile larger.

is necessary to consider that the laying of the small size tiles -.. Matter

is quite laborious and time-consuming, since in this case, is a much larger number of joints that require glossing and cleaning.

tile color sets the tone

what kind is best to choose tiles

main tone for the interior sets, of course, color tiles.Light colors will greatly increase the room visually, making the main emphasis on the furniture, and the dark to attract attention, reducing the visual space.To create an atmosphere of comfort used terracotta tiles and warm pastel tones.If the room is made in a modern style, are appropriate black and white tiles color.It is important to know that the tile with a pattern, which is often used today, all attention focuses on itself, in contrast to the monochrome.

Therefore, in order to create a bright and airy space filled with air, it is recommended to use a glossy tile smaller and lighter shades.But the time for facing tiles and cleaning this would require much more.

matt tiles with patterns of dark shades create more comfort, visually narrowing the space and the most easy to clean.To visually emphasize the furniture, do not use too contrasting color tiles.

Trends decoration of ceramic tiles in 2014

choose the tile in the bathroom

Which drawings, dimensions and colors relevant tiles in interior design in 2014?

leading position in the decoration of ceramics take floral motifs .Delicate flowers, spring grass and colorful autumn leaves in perfect harmony with the style of Provence, which made the kitchen or living room.

interesting to look tiles of pink, blue, white colors, decorated in ethnic Japanese style, is incredibly popular in the coming year.It is characterized by the traditional floral drawings (sakura branch, lotuses, hibiscus), as well as images of dragons.

vintage bathroom or bedroom wall tiles adorn the effect of aged, with ornaments and figures, relevant past trends.

For rooms in the style of hi-tech or minimalist, full of technical innovations and different lines ease, designers tile decorated with rhinestones, shiny or subtle shimmering stripes.

how to choose the tiles in the bathroom

Large format - what distinguishes ceramics, fashionable in 2014.Large size tiles or granite look spectacular in the spacious premises of a country house, especially if they repeat the drawing of floor covering.One of the most original solutions - covering material in the form of asymmetric puzzles.

fashionable decor tile 2014 is varied.Kitchen preferred figures, stylized natural wood, with a special chic is "weathered" version of the decor.

fashion ceramic tile 2014 Ceramic tiles with the imitation of the mosaic surface gives the original look and creates a comfortable atmosphere of the room.Often, this type of design facing material is used in the bathroom.

truly surprising modern tiles "under a mosaic", which can be seen through the glass spraying metal elements - they create a holographic effect.Another novelty - plitka- "chameleon", the color of which varies under different lighting, or under the influence of ultraviolet rays.Increasingly popular is the material with 3D-effect.Drawing on a ceramic tile seems to surround plays.3D-tile gives the interior a unique and impressive naturalistic images.

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