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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bathroom in the Khrushchev .Interior design small bathroom .

bathroom - one of the most important places in any home.Wash in the morning before the working day, take a relaxing bath before going to sleep or just to cheer up a contrasting shower - it's all done in the bathroom.Furthermore, in bathroom made install the washing machine.

bathroom design in Khrushchev photo

bathroom design in Khrushchev photo

Of course, the ideal option - a large bathroom, and even with the window.But, unfortunately, most of the apartments in this vital area of ​​the apartment is small.And the bathroom in the Khrushchev, bathroom not dare to call, so it's close quarters.As a rule, the owners have to make a choice: either sink or washing machine.And that, and another, and even in the bargain with the bathroom just does not leave space for a person, so we will try to create the best design in the bathroom Khrushchev ..

And any landlord is committed to ensuring that the design of the bathroom was notonly practical, but also beautiful.But most of the designs are divided about the harsh reality of the mini

malist heritage of the Soviet era.

Design a small bathroom

Design small bathroom

So how do you achieve that beautiful equip a bathroom in Khrushchev, and it is convenient to place it not only plumbing, but also a washing machine, and other useful and functionalitems?

can come to address the issue globally and make alterations bathroom.To achieve a significant increase in usable space can be combined toilet and bathroom.can also be attached to an apartment sanitary another part of the corridor, if desired.However, this method has its drawbacks.If a large family, the members of the household will have to endure, until one member of the family takes water treatments.In addition, the demolition of the walls in the apartment is time-consuming and expensive work.

Remodelling a bathroom in the Khrushchev

Remodelling a bathroom in Khrushchev

But it is possible to achieve the desired result, and due to the skilful layout of objects and original design techniques.

First we need to choose wisely plumbing.So, instead of a bath can be installed in the Khrushchev shower.The vacant place is fine for washing machines and placing a small wall-mounted cabinets.Also the washing machine is perfectly located under the sink, if you buy the laver without legs.

Design a small bathroom

design small bathroom

For visual expansion of space should be aware of the following methods of design :

  1. walls of the room should be bright.Therefore, to use the tile finish pastel colors.
  2. For wall design best fit tiles small size.The ideal option would be a mosaic.You can use it not only visually increase the size of the room, but also to create any unique pattern.
  3. «raise" the ceiling and "push» help wall mirror.The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of mirrors.So, placed opposite each other, they create the effect of an endless corridor.Being in this area can cause discomfort.
  4. use in the decoration of ceramic tiles contrasting tones undesirable , such as visual color scheme further reduces the already small space.The only exception - trim a contrasting color of the walls is entirely different.
  5. Very good revitalizes and expands the space use in the decoration of tiles coated with a picture .So, within the limits of a small bathroom, you can create a seascape or stylize a room at the beach.

mosaic bathroom Khrushchev

mosaic bathroom Khrushchev

When making a bathroom add-on components to be used in the Khrushchev:

  • small shelves
  • soapbox
  • towel holders and various little things

This will comfortably accommodate the necessary things without taking up too much space.

Large selection of modern materials and accessories allows beautifully and functionally to equip even a small bathroom.

tiles in the bathroom in the Khrushchev

Bathroom in Khrushchev can be comfortable

solve the problem of a small space, you can use the right design.It will help to achieve comfort and sverhfunktsionalnosti bathroom.

Area set aside for the bathroom in the Khrushchev slightly.During the construction of buildings has not yet thought about the need to fit in her washing machines and other devices designed to enhance the comfort of living.
Modern designers work miracles.Their talent and professionalism allows even from tiny spaces to make real masterpieces of art.

Interior Khrushchev bath photo

interior bath Khrushchev photo

small bathroom - a fairly common problem.Therefore, manufacturers have taken care of the issue for her small-sized comfortable furniture.Its proper selection can help bring even the wildest dreams.

  • Modern bathroom design in the Khrushchev is unthinkable without mirrors.Restrictions on the number no.With the help of mirrors can visually expand even the smallest bathroom and give it a unique charm.There are no special requirements for the placement of mirrors, they can be anywhere: on the cabinets doors, walls and even shower doors.
  • As a finishing material for premises suitable decorative tiles light shades.It will be able to give the space a couple of extra centimeters, bathroom will appear larger.The ceiling in the bathroom should be a stretch, since it will reflect the items and increase the space visually.
  • Design small bath does not include bulky furniture and monotone .Immediately it should forget about bulky cases, conventional glass shelves suitable for storing all accessories.They give extra shine and charm throughout the room.In addition, the glass shelves are not afraid of moisture.

Stages of repair

Whatever apartment people may live: in large apartment or a small "Khrushchev," he always strives for comfort and comfort.But in order to create it, you must first make repairs, and well-designed.Create a comfortable and unique style interior of a small tiny room - bathroom in the Khrushchev, time-consuming task, but doable.

However, pre-need to think about every step and every detail.It is up to the smallest detail and the layout depends on the creation of a bright design that is in harmony with comfortable conditions.The task is not just to fill the space correctly plumbing appliances and stylish furniture, but also to combine their functionality with maximum comfort, in the background correctly chosen color scheme.

After carefully selected variant design and development of the project, taking into account the individuality of all households and their interests, as well as the specific features of planning the bathroom, you can begin to implement ideas.

Stage 1 . Disassembly

At this stage, the bathroom was freed from old plumbing and piping, as well as covering the walls, floor and ceiling.This is a dirty job.Therefore, if the repair of the premises is scheduled repairs entire apartment, it is recommended to initially take a bath, so as not to "pull" it from dirt in the renovated premises.

Stage 2 . Laying of pipelines and communications

It may be necessary to replace the pipe and to test water and sewage systems.

Doing this milestone due to the possible emergence of leaks in the system when checking their health.Therefore, this work is preceded Disain, to avoid damaging the decoration.

Stage 3 . floor decoration, wall and ceiling

This is one of the important stages of the work, which will create a dominant future interior due to finishing, color and harmony of the materials used.

Stage 4 . Installation of sanitary equipment

Produced sink assembly, baths, and perhaps instead, to save space, shower.All this is neatly mounted, without compromising performance equipment.

Thus, for the harmony and comfort of your family can create a spectacular and well-liked area, despite its small size.