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August 12, 2017 18:06

The interior of a small child's room for a child of 7 , 8 , 9 years

Consider the unique project of Pavel Gerasimov .Interior design small children's room of 11 square meters.All conceived to do, it turned prevoskodno.

What has been done in the nursery

Design of a small child

Photo 1 - Design a small child's room for two girls

Little baby little room for the two girls together a workplace,spacious wardrobe, shelves, and two full beds that flick of the wrist turn into two small sofas, freeing up space for the game.

The walls are decorated with floor and ceiling in the nursery

Room Braves in warm, bright colors.The shelves of plasterboard, employees delimitation of space, and are a continuation of the walls are painted in the same light beige color.White patches on the walls visually pull the room and make it lighter.

Podium in the nursery


Photo 2 - Children's room with a podium.Original design

Beds in the nursery, parted in the podium .Lots of free space

Photo 3 - Beds in the nursery, is pushed into the podium.Many free Mets

Paul finished with a light laminate flooring, the window switches to

the podium.Podium in the room carries an enormous task.This is where, in the afternoon hiding 2/3 beds, and the hatch located in the center of the podium, a seat there toys.

Trey ceilings in the children's combines two types of finishes.Along the edges of the construction of plasterboard, painted white.In the center of a glossy stretch ceiling terracotta (orange) color, which, thanks to the built-in backlight is capable of changing its color.

right furniture in a small child

Making the working area in the nursery for girls

Photo 4 - Making the work area in the nursery for girls

Miniature two-folding wardrobe, as well as a desk located on thepodium at the window.They are made of wood and harmony resonate with the primary colors of the room.Function spaces adds a large number of shelves for books and toys.Pull-out bed also made of wood, mattresses on them carefully covered with quilted covers.

Multifunctional lighting in the room

Integrated LED ceiling lighting is more decorative in nature, functional load carries spotlights.Built-in lamps are positioned around the perimeter of the ceiling plasterboard.In addition, on each bed set closed wall lights.

Do not forget that such a small room meant for two girls.And it was necessary to make the playing area, as all the girls 8 years.

little room area (only 12 meters) is not burdened with a large number of additional decor, its role perform toys placed on open shelves and colored pads on improvised couches.Round Greek curtains with intricate patterns complemented by a children's light light green tulle .

design Author: Pavel Gerasimov

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