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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a child's room for two sisters with a bunk bed

The interior of this room is designed for two sisters.It is made in a modern style, are organically combined simple geometric surfaces white and bright color creative solutions.

Color solution room

Room for two girls of different age photo

Photo 1 - Room for two girls of different ages Photo

White - the dominant color in the room.But it does not look dull and monochrome, due to well-chosen finishing materials and competent playing with color.The room is quite functional.Designers have tried to make her girlish feminine and at the same time minimalist and austere, as required by the modern style of the new lady.

Decorating the walls, floor and ceiling

ceiling in the multi-level room, its central part is decorated with glossy stretch ceiling.More decorative and feminine room gives an interesting chandelier white.

floor is paved with laminate parquet stylized, light gray.He not only goes well with white walls and furniture, but absolutely not easily soiled, it is very suitable for children.


Photo 2 - Children's room for girls with a bunk bed and a wardrobe compartment

Since the room belongs to two girls of different ages, primary school and a teenager, then it successfully highlighted areas for recreation,play and learning.Comfortable sleeping area, with no banal two-tier bed , but with a nice comfortable sofa for the older girls and a bed for the youngest interested mink - lockers and stairs for easy child descent.On the couch comfortable to play and watch TV.

exclusive wallpaper in the room, with an interesting children's drawings, not flashy and provocative at the same time.A color combination of white and gray background with pink floral ornament, as well as possible, refresh and dilute the domination of white in the interior.

furniture in the room for girls

white furniture made on special order for this particular room.Convenient cabinets for books and different things, wardrobe - a compartment for a beautiful maiden veshchichek allow room contain in the order, without cluttering it superfluous.

Operating a computer in the room for two girls

Photo 3 - has a computer in the room for two girls

Comfortable desk, located in the back of the room near the window, it is equipped with a computer.Second place for the youngest child, successfully hid behind the cupboard, but well lit by windows.A large number of interesting lockers, located along the walls in the working area.And since, the interior is made for kids, designer little "hooliganism" scattered, chaotic at first sight, lockers and shelves for small items.

complement the interior bright color accents of fuchsia curtains, chair and a rug with pink flowers.As without Rose in the girl's room!General view of the complement scattered on the couch, bright cushions.And the walls are decorated with miniature paintings.

project Author: Studio (one of the best studios of Ukraine)