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August 12, 2017 18:06

The interior design of a small room for a teenager of 16 , 17 years , in a modern style

room design for a teenager with false ceiling plasterboard with spotlights

Photo 1 - Design for teen room with false ceiling plasterboard and spotlights

light, airy atmosphere of a spacious living-room, decorated in a modern style (contemporary-style) draws its functionality, simplicity andat the same time calm homey feel.Inherent to this style of interior zoning allows for maximum convenience to organize a small office (workplace), provide overt and covert elements elegant case furniture with shelves and shelves, where there is a place for the library, and to store the necessary items of clothing, household trifles, and for childrentoys.There is no doubt that such a design of the apartment is particularly interesting for young people, young families, as well as for people who appreciate the comfort of home and interior functionality.

Room for a teenager of 16 , 17 years of furniture and yellow sofa

Photo 2 - Room for a teenager of 16, 17 years of furniture and yellow sofa

Modern modular furniture an easy eco materalov combined with a luxurious sofa, on which there are a lot of cuteheart-dumochek pillows - perfect set

for a comfortable stay and work.The decoration of the room are small but original features:

  • lightweight coffee table,
  • original chair,
  • hinged shelves,
  • bright carpet on the floor.

The modern design of a small room for a teenager

Photo 3 - The modern design of a small room for a teenager

large mirror surround wardrobe allows visually enlarge the space of the room, at the same time serves as an element of its aesthetic design.Sunny colors, rich festive yellow-green, white and pastel gray and beige tones complements the environment.

With festive teen room interior style are well combined light walls and floors made from dark laminate.The final chord of the composition is as a two-tiered ceiling, combined with elements of decor living room, decorated with elegant chandelier and surrounded by bright spotlights.

original designs in the style of Contemporary perfectly fit into the limited space of modern apartments, optimizing it, and creating an elegant and comfortable home.

project Author: (one of the leading studios in Donetsk)