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August 12, 2017 18:06

The unique interior design of the room for two girls with a combination of several styles

design Author: Studio 3D visualization

Simplicity and classic combination with certain elements of modernism make this room unique for two teenage girls.Symmetry lines mirror furniture arrangement to visually enhance the area.Excellent harmony calm tones wallpaper with bright details interior.Pillows on the sofa, made in the Art Nouveau style, the issue is that the room hosts are teenagers - girls.That teenage girls and a suitable original interior.

Interior design children

Photo 1 - Interior design children's room for two teenage girls

White wardrobe in the children

Photo 2 - White wardrobe in the children's room for two girls

Selected colors evoke feelings comfort, tranquility and security.Spacious closets do not seem cumbersome.The furniture seems easy.The pastel colors of the sofa, table and chairs emphasize the sophistication and at the same time typical of adolescent originality.

division rooms on zone

The design of the working area in the room for two girls

Photo 3 - Design of the working area in the room for two girls

Lighting divides the tota

l area to specific areas: recreation area and sports,cloakroom and toilet area where girls can dress up.

The relaxation area mirror has two leather sofas beige pleasant shade over the sofa with one hand hanging paintings, on the other hand - arranged closed and open shelves.Shelves and pictures are arranged as if they are from one set, they share almost the same linear arrangement.Working (study) area is also mirror-: adjacent tables and chairs one tone with sofas.Nothing more is to be found.Small shelves and decorate perform functional role - they are intended for souvenirs and books.

Designed for small children two girls 13 and 14 years

Photo 4 - Designed for small children two girls 13 and 14 years

most favorite part rooms - dressing area.Here also completely identical cabinets, matching Art Nouveau style, placed in the corners of the room.A small table with a mirror play a special role in the lives of girls.The space allows the girls to try on new outfits, to create original images.

Design wardrobe in a small child

Photo 5 - Design a dressing area in a small child's room

Several types of light makes it possible to change the image of the room: you can create a romantic, business - training, bright festive atmosphere.

Design bed for the girls in the children

Photo 6 - Design bed for the girl in the nursery

mirroring in furniture arrangement to help visually expand the elongated room, which is very important for many people.Indeed, in most cases, there are rectangular rooms and corridors resemble.The designers of this room is its visually expanded, using cabinets - hidden length, divided into zones, made multifunctional and interesting.

project Author: Studio