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August 12, 2017 18:06

Trendy interior 2014: make out an apartment to move with the times

modern design apartments combines classic and modern.These directions are possible to combine harmoniously through proper color scheme.Combine incongruous - the main principle in the design of the apartment today.But in reality translate this principle into practice, how to properly execute fashionable interiors in 2014, that it is not just fashionable, but also with taste?

Fashionable interiors 2014. Fusion Style in the living room

Fashionable interiors 2014. Fusion Style in the living room - Photo

Trendy interior 2014: basic principles

about the main principles of incongruous combinations we have already said.But there are other trends to ensure fashionable interiors 2014:

  • Clean lines and forms;
  • Custom furniture;
  • bright colors of the interior;
  • variety of color space;
  • Natural materials;
  • Lightweight space rooms;
  • play of light.

Thinking designer will tell at once that such a number of principles involves a lot of options of interior design that can be beat quite differently.Here is an example, sev

eral styles are popular this year.

style of minimalism in interior leader in 2014

For young people who love to travel, and just for active citizens fit minimalist style.How to adhere to similar principles of minimalism, trendy interiors making out in 2014?

Fashionable interiors 2014. The minimalist style in a large living room

Fashionable interiors 2014. The minimalist style in a large living room - Photo

  1. Try to use as little as possible subjects of an interior - only the most necessary furniture.
  2. All items in the apartment must be functional, that is essential for life.
  3. in a minimalist style using wooden furniture in natural colors.
  4. interior trim in the style of minimalism should be made of natural materials with minimal processing.
  5. upholstery and drapes preferably gray or white.
  6. in the room, place a lot of ambient light sources.
  7. walls and ceiling paint one color.
  8. The minimalist interior flooring must be either a wooden or - parquet.

All fashionable interiors 2014 minimalist must be decorated as if with a slight negligence, it will create a simple but welcoming atmosphere in the apartment.

Trendy interior in 2014 in ecological style

In the big city, where the accelerated pace of life, I want to create in your home atmosphere of unity with nature.It evokes a mood Ecostyle.It will feel at home in safety, security and tranquility.What should be done to fashion the interiors of 2014 were in ecological style?

Stylish living room interior in 2014 with a white corner sofa .Ecostyle

Trendy interior room in 2014 with white corner sofa.Ecostyle - Photo

  1. Do not use unnecessary objects in the interior.
  2. When decorating stick decorative materials made of natural materials, and give preference to stone.
  3. Finishing material should be natural textures and colors.
  4. in ecological style must always plant trees and gardens area.

ekostilya origins - the idea of ​​preserving the environment and nature for future generations.Ecostyle especially popular among successful businessmen, he has some similarities with minimalism, as also requires a minimum and maximum interior of natural materials, but, unlike the first, it looks more presentable.

Style Fusion this year is gaining momentum

Romantic, many travelers prefer a mix of creative people of different approaches.Fusion - this is the direction, which is based precisely on such here "cuts" in the interior design.How to stick fusion style, fashionable interiors making out in 2014?

The design of a large living room in Fusion style.Fashionable interiors 2014

design of a large living room in Fusion style.Fashionable interiors 2014 - Photo

  1. Fusion is suitable for large, spacious homes.
  2. Experiment Diversify your interior, do not be afraid to try something new.
  3. Stick to bright and bold colors, but without sharp contrasts.
  4. Do not go on about the traditions, and connect the seemingly unconnected.For example, conservative furniture can be very fresh decorated with folk elements.
  5. combine modern appliances with the classic works of art.
  6. Be sense of proportion - it should be done tastefully, in full compliance with the rules of the organization of living space.

most daring imagination, coupled with a sense of proportion, to help you make housing such that it will cause delight and admiration of others.

interiors loft-style round out our hit parade 2014

Upper vast spaces and the attic is fashionable to make out in the loft-style that came to us from American cities.Loft can be called an elite destination.It is characterized by:

  • vast area of ​​hundreds to thousands of square meters;
  • huge windows;
  • free space with a single piece of furniture in the middle;
  • mixture of old and new;
  • plenty of space and air.
  • has become very popular to decorate the walls of masonry.

Loft demand in a creative environment among those who have already achieved financial success.

Interior room in the loft style.Fashionable design 2014

interior living room loft style.Fashionable design in 2014 - Photo

All fashionable interiors 2014 must adhere to the basiccolor gamut, which is dominated by blue, green, purple color of various shades.Green creates harmony and a happy mood, blue - very refined and elegant, and purple - extravagant and bold.