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August 12, 2017 18:06

Should I put the sofa in the living room ?

clearance time living massive soft headsets are long gone.Place a straight sofa and two armchairs successfully taken a modern sofa.This is dictated not only fashion.Corner sofas in the living room are comfortable, original, no headroom.In addition, a variety of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to choose to be placed in any style.

In the interior of the living room is appropriate to place the sofa

The interior of the living room is appropriate to place the sofa - Photo

main advantages corner sofa

  1. Any corner sofa is very compact, so is suitable for most small-sized apartments.
  2. Due to the right-handed and left-handed versions, they fit harmoniously into the architecture of any room, even with bay windows.
  3. With this version of upholstered furniture can be zoned and delimit the space within the same building.
  4. Corner sofa in the living room - a large seat.
  5. This sofa can serve as a bed for 2 people.

Designers are not accustomed to stop there.Therefore, our attention the corner sofas with small side niches, unusually decorat

ed edges (oval, wave), finishing of composite materials.That's why this piece of furniture can be considered the king of the living room.

How to choose and correctly place the sofa in the living room

First and foremost when choosing soft furnishings need to start from the premise space, colors, and financial capabilities.If you intend to buy upholstered furniture in the store, it is desirable to do to design the living room walls and floor.So it will be easier to create organic interior, because the tone of the wallpaper and the floor will be combined with already purchased furniture.

If living is low, choose the sofa should be based on the size of the smallest wall.That along it is desirable to arrange soft furniture to save space.All sorts of niches and wide armrests for this type of place.sofa model should be simple and concise, and add warmth and comfort to help small pillows.

In the case of a large living room you can find a version of the U-shape.On this couch can comfortably accommodate many guests or snuggle to view favorite program all members of the family.

should not forget about zoning living room, because it is often in its territory and places a workspace owner or owner of the apartment.Working zone, namely, table and chair can be placed near the window, a little further into the center should be put sofa so that sitting on it turned out to be back-to-work area.Thus, no one is directly in the room will not distract each other.For this case, you can choose angular sofas of different shapes and dimensions, because it will stand in the center.

About colors upholstery

Interior designers love to do color accents.For this purpose, suitable for not only the walls and decor items, but also the furniture.In this case, attention is drawn to the couch, especially if it is a corner.It concentrates in itself the center.The universal solution for any living room can be white or beige corner sofa.Give him a bright mood will help cushion.This option is suitable for living rooms, both with a bright and pale trim walls.

Juicy Fruit interior corner sofa - a good idea for the youth lounge.It may be orange, herb, olive, and even red.Otherwise bright colors should be avoided.It is enough for one or two "roll call", such as picture frames, a vase, a painting on the wall.

Blue velvet sofa in the living room with decorative fireplace

blue velvet sofa in the living room with decorative fireplace - Photo

dark corner sofas are appropriate for expensive respectable living room with light walls.There must be no hint of colorful paint and other "frivolous".This corner sofa create the right mix with a small dark table from the array and comfortable easy chair.

Dark classic leather corner sofa in the living room

Dark classic leather corner sofa in the living room - Photo

Corner sofa is really very popular, although it appeared on the market not so long ago.It allows you to save space, it is possible to sit comfortably, it is beautiful and harmonious.On it is worth paying attention to when you make a living.