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August 12, 2017 18:06

The curtains in the bedroom .We emphasize the individuality and design of the room

It's no secret that a bedroom - this is the main place in the house, on which depends the mood, the forces with which we meet every day.That is why you need to sleep and rest in the bedroom held in maximum comfort, comfort and tranquility.To create these conditions it is necessary to choose the right furniture is not only attributes, wallpaper for the walls, but also curtains for the bedroom.In addition, should pay particular attention to the design of curtains in the bedroom.

Design of curtains in the bedroom filament

Design curtains in the bedroom filament - Photo

now on display customers fashionable blinds in the bedroom are a wide number of models with different design, which is why people often lost in the selection.It should be understood that the design of curtains in the bedroom is strongly affects the overall design of the room, so you need to pay attention to his choice.This article will explain how to choose the design of curtains in the bedroom, as well as describe the most fashionable curtains in the bedroom in 2014.W

ith the right choice of model, you will see that fashion curtains in the bedroom is particularly harmonious and stylish look in the general interior.

How to choose curtains for the bedroom windows

curtains in the bedroom - it is an important attribute of the decor, which performs several important roles. First , creating the perfect conditions, comfort and beauty to the room. Second , protection from the sun and light in the daytime.To create the most comfortable conditions during the day is better to opt for blinds for the bedroom.

Curtains for the bedroom minimalist

Roller blinds for the bedroom Minimalism - Photo

curtains also protect from intrusive eyes of curious people, as the bedroom and even the most intimate room in the house.In this case, it is essential to choose the right material for decor attribute data.

Now is not difficult to find in the shops of the city of luxurious and stylish curtains for the bedroom, but it is important to opt for the correct model.It is important to take into account the design of the room and to choose curtains for the bedroom design.

For example, curtains Roller shutters bedroom perfectly fit into the classical interior, and can protect the room from prying eyes and sunlight.

Roman blinds for the bedroom are especially popular and loved at the moment buyers around the world, as they are in harmony in many contemporary and classic design style.These fashionable curtains in the bedroom, as well as curtains with lambrequins need in its design and color scheme combined with other textiles in the bedroom (for example, with blankets, pillows, etc.).

materials for curtains

advise you to choose curtains for the bedroom, which are made from natural fabrics.You can select the model from flax, silk or combinations of different materials.It is best to choose the drapes, in which structure at least 70% cotton.This material is easy to wash, iron and hardly wrinkled.If the room is badly lit and is located on the south side, it is better to choose curtains of thick textiles.

Tulle Bedroom is better to choose certain colors.No need to pick up bright and obtrusive colors, such as burgundy and red.It is best to opt for gentle, soothing pastel colors: light beige, light green, light blue shades.

Trendy curtains in the bedroom 2014 Major trends correct choice

¬ęThe combination of incongruous," or fusion to be at the peak of popularity when creating the design in the bedroom curtains, 2014. In this case it is best to connectfabric different in style, color scheme and texture to create a more harmonious appearance of curtains.

Fashion design curtains 2014 fusion

Trendy curtains design 2014 style fusion - Photo

For lovers of minimalism and simplicity, designers recommend to stop your eyes on blinds created from self-colored organza.This design of curtains in the bedroom is perfectly combined with any interior.

Unknown style of "chaos in the American" pick popular names in 2014.This style - it is the location of the cornice on the ceiling, around which is to be wound cloth, one end of which has to go down to the floor.The originality and lack of functionality - the distinctive features of the design for the bedroom curtains.

At the peak of popularity will filament curtains for the bedroom , which are decorated by various elements (sequins, stones, etc.).These curtains are perfect for different style design space, as they can be used to create different zones in the room.

Design curtains for the bedroom with the use of prints will be at the height of fashion.You can select in the bedroom curtains with ornaments, floral prints, photo prints, etc.In addition, applique, embroidery, a variety of textures, the presence of lace - the main fashion trends curtains 2014.

as popular and trendy materials in models of fashionable curtains for the bedroom will present a combination of natural fabrics (linen, wool, cotton fabric) withartificial and original material - embossed velvet, which will increase the durability and strength of the curtains and influence the aesthetic appearance.

Color Selection

designers to create curtains 2014 replacing the familiar colors like blue, gray and beige such trendy colors like mustard and plum .But blue color, nevertheless, will be present in the new models in shades of celestial and turquoise.These fashionable shades for the bedroom curtains create a positive mood in the bedroom and a feeling of weightlessness and lightness.Beige usual color is interpreted in the sand hue and color of "hacks".