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August 12, 2017 18:06

Blue furniture interior apartment

No wonder why blue furniture so often used in creating the interior in houses or flats.It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of furniture that color, as well as the appropriateness of its ispolzovaniyav different rooms.Consider the basic options.

blue furniture in the nursery

Blue furniture in the nursery .Blue blue chair and cot

Photo 1 blue furniture in the nursery.Blue cot and chair blue

Bedspread blue for cots .Blue children after repair

Photo 2 Bedspread blue for cots.Blue children's renovated

Popularity blue furniture in the children's room is quite large.This color presents tables, shelves, chairs, wardrobes, beds and so on.One major advantage is that the color has a positive effect on a child.It calms and soothes.

The combination of blue in the nursery

Photo 3 Combining blue in the nursery

must learn to mix and dilute the blue furniture other bright colors.This creates a rainbow atmosphere in baby's room.If the full force only blue room furniture, it will affect very depressing.

Blue bed in the nursery

Photos 4 Blue bed in the nursery

Interior nursery in blue renovated

Photo 5 Interior nursery in blue renovated

blue furniture in the living room, you need to consider when buying.

It is clear that the use of only the blue furniture will be inappropriate.It is better to focus on one subject.It can be a wardrobe, a chair, or at all, the sofa in the living room.The trend will be a combination of the interior with light blue objects.It adds a special room elegance and refinement.

Blue furniture in the living room .Sofa

Photo 10 Blue living room furniture.Sofa

Blue living room cabinet

Photo 11 Blue cupboard living

The velvet sofa in the living room blue

Picture 12 Velvet sofa in the living room blue

Should I use the blue furniture in the kitchen?

As for restrictions, it is better not to create completely blue interior.It can be viewed monotonous and uninteresting.

Kitchen with breakfast bar in blue

Photo 17 Kitchen with breakfast bar in blue

Kitchen renovated in blue in the style of hi -tech

Photo 18 Kitchen renovated in blue in the style of hi-tech

Interior blue kitchen with dining area .The combination of colors

Photo 19 Interior blue kitchen withdining area.Combining colors

Blue cabinets in a small kitchen

Photo Blue 20 cabinets in a small kitchen

This color attracts its magnetism and energy.It is presented in a variety of shades - from light to dark and heavenly saturated.Also, it looks great combination of blue with a classic colors (black, gray, white), and a bright (yellow, orange, red, and so on).