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August 12, 2017 18:06

Wardrobe compartment with your hands .How to make your own built-in sliding wardrobe .

In this article I want to tell you how to make the built-in sliding wardrobe with his hands.The procedure is time-consuming, so that all read carefully and strictly follow the instructions.

If your apartment all the cupboards and drawers are already occupied, but there are things that you want to place anywhere, the best option to solve this problem will be to make your closet coupe hands.Moreover, that self-production of furniture will be much cheaper than purchasing it in a store or perform customized.

determines the location of the cabinet arrangement

Initially, we should define the place where will be located built-in closet.often provided Niche plasterboard under the built-in wardrobe in a modern interior.Just do reap cupboard in the wall, he will also built-in.

If you do not have a built closet, there is nothing to cut into walls is not necessary.

drawings and schemes

Then, based on the size of the niche, its length, width and depth, draw a sketch (drawing) f

uture wardrobe.This document should be taken into account such factors as the number of sections, number of shelves, the distance between the shelves, width and height of the sections, as well as to provide for the presence of additional options, like, say, a mini-bar or a niche for the TV.See some drawings cabinets coupe, made with his own hands.

sliding wardrobe with their hands drawing collect sliding wardrobe with his hands circuit sliding wardrobe with his hands


After the cabinet drawing is ready, you need to calculate the number of required material and furniture accessories, and buy everything you need in specialized stores.In fact, many points of selling chipboard (material for the manufacture of doors, walls) can meet the cutting of a sheet of chipboard on the customer's specified size.Thus, you get a blank doors, walls and shelves of the future built-in wardrobe.

If you want mirrored or glass doors for the future cabinet compartment, it is necessary to book in advance, it is unlikely in the shop there are blank to your size.

Among other things, you'll need a roller system and hardware (handles, fasteners, rivets, corners).The blessing on the construction market of their huge number.


Before starting work related to the assembly of cabinet compartment space niches should be prepared very carefully.Preparation is the alignment of the walls, floor and ceiling niches.

alignment is performed corresponding mortars intended for putty.They are prepared according to the instructions of manufacturing plants, and then superimposed by a spatula on the surface, requiring alignment.

After drying putty, leveled surfaces must be treated with antiseptic compositions, if desired, niche walls can be painted with latex paint, which has the same color as that of the future of particle board wardrobe.

cabinet assembly compartment

collect sliding wardrobe with his hands Collect sliding wardrobe with his hands simply.Installation begins with the installation chipboard sheet, performing the function of the floor construction.Its installation requires careful alignment, because of its horizontal position accuracy depends on the appearance of the whole future construction.Levelness is checked by level building, optionally in desired locations inserted wooden supports appropriate dimensions.

After the bottom sheet should be set to start the installation of the side walls and partitions of different sections.These structural elements are fastened to the bottom sheet through the corners and screws.Corners should choose metal as they are stronger than plastic.

structural core assembly stage finishes installing the top sheet chipboard, which is attached to the end of the side walls and partition sections of the same brackets and screws.Once collected the box of the future cabinet, it should be inserted into the niche and fasten it to the wall.This will require the efforts of several people who will put the basis of the cabinet in a prepared place with a perfectly horizontal lower plane.

Securing structure to the side walls is done by drilling holes in the side walls of the cabinet and the wall of the recess and subsequently fixed by dowels of the appropriate size.

The next step should be to perform the horizontal placement of the shelves in accordance with the previously developed a sketch of the cabinet compartment.In fact, the installation of horizontal elements can be done in two ways.

  • first method is more labor intensive and prolonged in time, it provides for the installation of shelves in the body structure after it has secured a niche in the doorway.In this case, the side walls and vertical partitions are fixed at a desired location corners furniture intended to support the shelves, the shelves themselves are mounted on them.
  • second method involves performing a required number of holes in the side walls and vertical partitions, as well as holes in the ends of the side members, prior to the assembly of bases.The shelves are set into place by means of tongue and groove connection, the operation is performed on the stage of the assembly bases.This method ensures higher accuracy installation of shelves, however in this case the overall weight of the structure is significantly increased and, accordingly, when placed in an aperture recess bases require efforts more people than when installing foundations without shelves.

Which method is more advantageous - it is your choice.

Next will install the mirror moving doors on the rails.Directing and mobile videos to be purchased at the store, engaged in the sale of furniture accessories.Of the whole band guide, purchased in the store, you should cut two strips of the required length for the subsequent fixing top and bottom of the cabinet bases.Fastening performed considering parallelism of these elements by screws.

Now doors.The doors, as well as all the other elements, may be cut from a single sheet of the respective sizes in the acquisition phase starting materials.required size mirror on the surface of the door is secured with the help of tools called "liquid nails to the mirrors surface".I think it is not worth talking about, that the mirror was fixed exactly.

movable rollers, designed for door movement by rail, fixed in certain locations doors - at the bottom and at the top of the screws.After all the doors are prepared, and they are mirror rolls must be performed for their installation base.

Thus, in the manufacturing process wardrobe own hands, there is nothing difficult.All you have to do this, it is a fantasy, the availability of skills of work with carpentry tools and a great desire.

sliding wardrobe with his hands video

Another way cabinet compartment device.Video