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August 12, 2017 18:06

Connecting passage switch : save electricity and make life easier

What needs pass switch?

Question energy savings today is sharp and this assistance can pass the switch.How?We go into the entrance, turn on the light, and its floor lighting extinguish another switch.And vice versa.Coming out of the house into the street in their area light is turned on, and removed at the bottom.In such cases, use the passing switch, the switch performs the function.

Switch -through connection with dvuhklavishnogo dvuhklavishnogo - Photo

Connecting passage dvuhklavishnogo switch and the three-key - Photo

Wiring passage switch selected on the basis of the number of control points.And there may be several:

  • on each floor of a multistory building,
  • in a long corridor at the exit of several rooms.

How to connect the entrance switch, we will tell in this article today.

Simple switch contains only two contact terminals supplied with two wires.

Passing switch - called circuit switch - has three terminals and are suitable to him three wires.To turn on and off the light from more places, we need so-called cross-

breakers with four pins and four appropriate wire.I must say that not only as connected lamps (incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving), but also any electrical appliances that require management from different places.

little theory about migratory switches

Purpose-through switch is in switching circuits.Compare conventional double switch device used in the simple connection and one-button-through switch.

Wiring -through switch with two control points - Photos

Wiring-through switch with two control points - Photo

In both cases we have three blades and three suitable wire, and there is a simple switch contacts.But in the first case, the electrical circuits by pressing or connected, or disconnected. in the entrance at the same time as the switch opens one and closes the other circuit.

Example functioning through passage switch

Consider an electric circuit consisting of light bulbs and two-button-through switches.

lamp is not lit, there are two chains severed.Press one of the switches, one of the circuits is connected and the light comes on.Turning to the second switch, pressing us, breaking the circuit, extinguish the lamp while preparing another line, to include the first switch.

essence of the functioning of such a switch is throwing contacts - one closes, another opens.Passing switch if not use one of the contacts can be operated as usual.But for financial reasons is better to abandon this: more expensive.

Types migratory switches

Available switches communicating with a different number of keys.One Key we have already considered.Passing switch dvuhklavishny used to connect / disconnect the two lamps that are in different locations.

This scheme will consist of two switches with two keys and two light fixtures.Bulbs can be chandelier in one, then we can change the room lighting.

three-key switch, by analogy with dvuhklavishnym, is intended to include three lamps.

Connecting dvuhklavishnogo passage switch - circuit - Photo

Connecting the three-key passage switch - circuit - Photo

Wiring passage switch allows you to turn the bulb of the three points.It will be necessary to take a two-button switches and a cross, which, in the simplest case, is a two-button switch with internal jumpers.Applying two cross breaker collected management of the four seats.

Wiring feedthrough switches - Video instruction

More Video

How to connect the entrance switch

If you choose to create for themselves a comfortable living conditions, establishing and communicating switches, then get ready for the great work.You must first learn in detail how to connect a switch pass, the existing control schemes and methods of installation.This theoretical part.Next, stock up the necessary tools and materials.

Of the tools you will need a hammer drill crown for seats under the breakers.The same punch punched Stroebe, which will be installed new wires.Purchase a pair of pliers, wire cutters, side cutters, various screwdrivers.After wiring will be needed plastering work - will need plaster or cement with sand.

Essential - is, of course, wires, switches, junction boxes.

Depending on your lighting equipment control circuit, wire may be a different number of conductors.In the simplest case, you will need a three-core copper wire.If the circuit is more complex, the five-wire without wire can not do.In the absence of such - using two three-core.

Distribution Box -through switch , twisted wires - Photo

Junction Box-through switch, twisted wires - Photo

cross sections depend on the electrical load.The more lights included, the greater the required load capacity of the conductor materials.Cross section of 2.5 square definitely fit.

  • First, mark up the road for laying Stroebe.transmission line must be strictly parallel to the ceiling and the floor.Taps made down at right angles.
  • a Punch drill slot switches and break through Stroebe for laying cables.
  • in the junction box is produced twisting lived in accordance with our scheme.
  • further connects the entrance switch.
  • Gathering the scheme, it is necessary to check before energizing.
  • At positive results plasterers and paint the desired location.

Of course, this work presents some difficulties.Unfamiliar with electrical engineering person it does not perform.Here we need help electricians.Only they will be able to do the job according to the rules of safety.