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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to Stroebe walls with his own hands : to safely hide the wiring in the wall

device wiring, including shtroblenie walls under the wiring is the responsibility of the types of construction and repair work.They are governed by a number of rules and regulations.Key: SNIP 31-02 , PUE (Electrical Installation Regulations) and profile GOST s.A detailed study of these documents shows a fairly rigid rules regulating the electrical wiring in buildings of any type.

Shtroblenie walls for wiring your own hands - Photo

Shtroblenie walls for wiring your own hands - Photo

most technologically advanced and safe deemed wiring, closed with plasterboard, suspended ceilings, etc. In the capital constructive internal wiring takes place in special channels derived shtroblenie..vertical, horizontal or inclined directions.

shtroblenie Such a wiring is regulated as follows.

  • shtroblenie forbidden in any direction other than horizontal or vertical (attic - an exception).
  • strictly forbidden in the floor decks.
  • Horizontal shtroblenie walls under the wiring is carried out at least 15 cm away from the floors.
  • Stroebe, passing near the doorways, corners may not be closer than 10 cm.
  • gas pipeline and Stroebe can not be closer than 40 cm.
  • itselfGrooves can be deeper and wider, 2.5 cm.
  • Continuity Stroebe limited to three meters.
  • addition, under shtroblenie wiring in multi-storey prefabricated houses is possible only in the partitions that do not perform function of bearing.In supporting walls it is recommended to use a slightly convex decorative columns, inside which are laid and electrical communication.They enliven the interior, avoid the time-consuming work.

Violation of these requirements is able to turn into a serious material losses, even in the long term.As a result of the accident, which occurred in any period of time after the sale of the premises, the responsibility for the consequences is the owner who has made changes to the standard electrical wiring.


Draw a plan of the wiring in the apartment before Stroebe - Photo

Draw wiring plan of the apartment before Stroebe - Photo

intended route under shtroblenie walls for wiring and installation location electrical fittings points are transferred to the plan mustGiven the proximity of door, window openings, niches, ledges, communications.At its base is made calculation of the number of necessary materials and labor intensity examination.

plan is necessary and to ensure that in the future have the real picture of the electrical device in a particular area.

Then plan a layout is transferred to the pre-inspected wall or walling.Then you can start to work.

Laying tracks or shtroblenie under the wiring is done in the following ways.

  1. tool (chisel).
  2. a Punch or drill a shock.
  3. angle grinders (Bulgarian), followed by sample material with a chisel or punch.
  4. Special tools - Wall Chasers.

arranged in rooms with interior use power tools requires the maximum localization of the jobsite, since the formation of fine dust in the extremely large volumes is inevitable.Decide how to Stroebe walls for wiring, it is necessary, taking into account that the main factor.

Tools for video shtrobleniya

Manual shtroblenie walls

For small volumes or repair in residential premises manual laying Stroebe most justified.In brick, foam or soft stone punched first parallel grooves, and then select the required depth.

This requires hammer and chisel .dust formation does not take place in this method.In the market there are hand-held chisels with hard-metal tip.The use of this tool will speed up the work.

concrete base makes this method impossible due to the extremely time-consuming.

Manual shtroblenie walls under wiring - Photos

Manual shtroblenie walls under wiring - Photo

Shtroblenie using a punch or drill with a vibration mode

This method requires basic skills in working with power tools.Dust is generated in small amounts.Especially for such works produced various kinds of chisels: point, flat, bladed.

shtroblenie When paired with a hammer and a chisel used channel.

The use of such attachments significantly speeds up the work, including on concrete walls.When you purchase is necessary to clarify whether the attachment needs sharpening.Some chisels manufacturer strengthens shot-blasting method, and self sharpening violate a protective coating.

first worked boundary channels, then the sample is made Stroebe, and then only along the canal.

Angle grinder - Bulgarian

shtrobleniya used to drive diamond-coated.Sampling is carried out with a drill or hammer.The channel will turn out smooth, but inevitably a large amount of dust.

channelize it can be industrial (ideal) or household vacuum cleaner.The assistant holds the suction nozzle about Bulgarians, keeping a safe distance.

Shtroblenie walls using wall chaser

How to Stroebe walls .Wall Chasers - Photo

How to Stroebe walls.Wall Chasers - Photo

This is a professional tool that best demonstrates how to Stroebe walls for wiring, but its cost is quite large.The principle of Bulgarians, but with two cutting discs.Special casing closes shtrobleniya place, there is a pipe on it to fix the vacuum cleaner hose.

width and depth of the cuts before exhibited works.The sample is similar to the previous methods.Dust in the room does not fall flat Stroebe, chipped exterior foundations excluded.

Stroebe Preparation for laying cable

Upon receipt of the required size Stroebe it must be thoroughly cleaned from dust.Then, the channel necessarily primed.Primer will link the remnants of dust and ensure good adhesion surface for finishing walls.Soil not only Stroebe, and a wall of about 5 cm on both sides.

cable laying in Stroebe

Before Stroebe wall for wiring, it is necessary to determine the size of the channels.Cables Stroebe fit only in special sleeves (flutes).This increases the fire safety of the wiring itself at the expense of natural ventilation and makes it possible to replace the cable without disturbing the wall covering.Sleeves can be plastic or metal.

In residential areas use smooth or corrugated pipes made of polyethylene or vinyl.

corrugated hose eliminate the need for fittings, angle or connection.The ribbed surface provides additional stiffness under mechanical loads.Available in various diameters of the sleeves, which makes it easier shtroblenie walls under the wiring due to a reasonable reduction Stroebe sizes.

Corrugated pipe for wiring - Photos

Corrugated pipe for wiring - Photo

After tightening the cable in the sleeve it is fixed in Stroebe plaster solution or plaster mixture, able to quickly get to grips.Fixing it is produced in small portions over 1 meter.Places turns necessarily fixed on both sides at a distance of 3-5 cm.


More before Stroebe walls under the wiring, it is necessary to get acquainted with many videos, have the necessary tools,cables, pipes, consumables.Designated under the electrical fittings must be prepared.

should be noted that modern tools and materials allow us to Stroebe own hands.Quickly and efficiently.Large amount of time may require only the preparatory work.