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August 12, 2017 18:06

Modern kitchen in black and white

Today, a growing preference for this style of interior design that are characterized by straight lines, simple shapes and concise details.Hi-tech and minimalism with every day are becoming increasingly popular.It may seem that the interior is decorated in a similar way - absolutely expressionless.But it is - an error of judgment.

Black and white kitchen in a modern style

Black and white kitchen in a modern style - Photo

Kitchen interior, executed in black and white, different graphic quality and expressiveness.The mystery, elegance, intrigue two colors will appeal to those who appreciate style and non-trivial solutions.

Black-and-white or white-black color for the kitchen?

How to distribute the ratio of black and white in the kitchen, whether to give preference to one color and make it dominant in the interior?- A question that requires a correct answer.In the interior kitchen in black and white, you should observe a few simple rules.

premises where contrasting colors stand on an equal footing, look hard and cau

se irritation.Interiors, where two colors are distributed in such a way that one is dominant and the other supplements, are the most harmonious.What have the kitchen: a black and white or black and white?

Personal tastes and preferences when choosing a solo color are important, but the main criterion is the most features kitchen facilities.

  • small-sized kitchen always want to see a more spacious.White color visually enhances the space, creating a sense of freedom.The black color has the ability to make a small room very small: it visually brings all boundaries, causing the impression of stiffness and tightness.
  • Black is the best fit for a luxury kitchen, impresses with its size.That's it in a large area would look harmonious and creates a cozy atmosphere.

kitchen lighting is very important and affects the choice of base color.

The bright kitchen with a large window .You can make black glossy facades

bright kitchen with a large window.You can make black glossy facade - Photo

  • Kitchen with large windows, full sunlight, it is reasonable to choose the foreground color black.
  • Kitchen, which is constantly felt the lack of lighting, it is preferable to make out with a predominance of white.

Design kitchen interior in black and white

predominant color is selected which of the two will perform the solo part - known.It is necessary to arrange the kitchen room itself.

When the interior of the kitchen is made in black and white color, surface texture is given first place.An indescribable expressive effect creates a play on the contrast between matt and shiny, rough and smooth surfaces.


a variety of materials are used for finishing the kitchen walls.Stylish looks bright wallpaper with patterns of dark color, which can be matte, glossy or pearl surface.

An alternative would be a dark-colored wallpaper with contrasting white pattern.

The bright wallpaper in the kitchen black and white scale

bright wallpaper in the kitchen black and white palette - Photo

Not necessarily all of the walls in the kitchen wallpaper paste over the same, you can combine them.Polarity wallpaper color can paste over only one of the walls, and the remaining walls are covered with neutral wallpaper, which are combined with the dominant color.

Contents apron for the kitchen, you can use the tiles, mosaics, marble, granite or glass panels.If the emphasis is on the wall, the winning option will design apron glossy tiles or glass, contrasting with the matte surface countertops.


traditional materials used for floor coverings kitchen are ceramic tile, granite, laminate and linoleum.

large format plates not only relevant, but also look very advantageous.An impressive is strict alternation of black and white squares of the chess pattern.However, monotonous sex can be the right solution for the interior of the kitchen in black and white - it all depends on the general idea.

  • Whatever color has been selected as the main, black or white, the floor can be neutral in color - a light gray or sandy beige.

  • When you select a picture size of the floor covering should consider the size of the kitchen.Large checkered good for large kitchens, small kitchen more suitable coating pattern which is comparable to the size of the kitchen, or a single color.


Design ceiling in black and white kitchen is always assigned great importance.The ceiling may be both white and black.If in the kitchen to make a dark glossy ceiling - it will look the same high as the traditional white.But consider a black ceiling to visually reduce the kitchen.

Making the ceiling in the kitchen .You can make a two-level ceiling

ceiling decoration in the kitchen.You can make a two-level ceiling - Photo

simple and discreet kitchen walls needed a catchy and effective ceiling.Perfect multi-level ceiling, using tension elements and glossy surface.Conversely, when a lot of bright interior decorative elements, the ceiling is better to do monotonous and white.

Beautiful ceiling in the kitchen black and white .Zoning light

beautiful ceiling in the kitchen black and white.Zoning light - Photo

Choosing furniture for the black-and-white kitchen

Black and white colors used for the decoration of the kitchen, puts forward their demands to the selection of furniture.

  • small kitchen - white furniture.Black furniture, no matter how stylish it is, is not suitable.
  • large kitchen allows use furniture such as black and white.

The most practical solution is furnished in black and white.For example, the lower section - a practical black top - white.Black worktop made of stone (natural or artificial) looks great in combination with white kitchen units.Tables and chairs can be self-colored or black and white.Effectively look those options, where there is a combination of black with white legs and seats top.Or vice versa.


accessories and decorative objects in the interior of the kitchen should be a worthy completion planned.Decorative elements may be performed in a polar colors of black and white, and may be other bright color.

  • For black-and-white decor is often used as a pastiche of chess figures, symbols of yin and yang, zebra.
  • Light green and turquoise colors, blotches of bright red or yellow hospitable not only to revive the austere interior, but also will create a special atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

silver and crystal tableware, clear glass, shiny metal surfaces of household appliances and chrome furniture elements successfully complement the interior of the kitchen.

Compliance simple requirements that push the black and white color makes the interior of the kitchen a comfortable, refined and stylish.