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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen in yellow 50 photos .How to create a stylish interior yellow kitchen

Kitchen in yellow - the color of joy

The kitchen is especially important to create an atmosphere of joy and good mood, what can help correct color of the interior.One option is to design a kitchen in yellow, which, depending on the shade, the sun's heat will bring to room, the freshness of citrus or honey enveloping comfort.

Kitchen in yellow.Combining with blue kitchen apron .Photo 1

Kitchen in yellow.Combining with blue kitchen apron.Photo 1

Kitchen in yellow.How to use color

To kitchen in yellow turned out stylish, it is necessary to use a metered - yellow must be either wall or cabinets.It is possible to combine them, and if only one wall kolorirovat free of lockers.

Kitchen design in yellow.Photo 2

Kitchen design in yellow.Photo 2

course, can not do without accessories (textiles, lamps, vases, jars for cereals and spices, etc.).They may overlap with a background, and to contras

t with it.Thus it is necessary to choose the right shade of yellow and the colors that will complement its design.

If the room gets enough sunlight, it is best to use a juicy and rich palette, and visually expand the space will help small pale tones.

The combination of yellow and green color in the kitchen .Picture 7

Kitchen in yellow: the influence of styles to choose from shade

Classic - includes traditional, natural colors - warm shades of yellow, mustard yellow, complemented by white and dark shades of brown (for example, wood elements).Thus should be brown slightly (to 20%) to the room is not thought too dark.

similar kitchen in yellow color is characterized by the versatility of the design and does not require much space.

For a classic interior fit wooden furniture, and the surface is better to choose matte.

Modern style kitchen - allows you to use bright colors in contrasting combinations - lemon yellow and cool shades with rich blue, purple, green, gray and metal parts.Successfully are elements of stone, and the surface gloss preferred.

The walls in the kitchen yellow.Photo 12

walls in the kitchen yellow.Photo 12

What can be supplemented with yellow kitchen

Kitchen in yellow and successfully combined with many other colors.

to dark yellow, golden orange and almost suitable red, brown, brick, etc.- Get cozy and rich oriental style.

looks elegant and chic combination of black.Another favorite combination - bright shades of yellow and creamy white.The result can be a kitchen in yellow design with chamomile rural motif or in a comfortable urban style "milk and honey".

The modern kitchen is yellow, and black .Photo 12

modern kitchen is yellow, and black.Photo 12

general, allowed almost any color, more importantly, their right to choose a particular shade of yellow.Always successful in the interior green plants.

Kitchen in yellow is perhaps one of the best design solutions.Different shades can give the interior brightness, which are not tiring in the room, cover the space, making it spacious and comfortable, and combined with a variety of colors, giving space fantasy.

Even if you do not want to conceive a global overhaul, but the kitchen in yellow color remains a dream, you can only update the design, repainted door lockers or picking up new accessories.For any interior you can find the right shade of yellow, which adds to the familiar surroundings of light and heat, and in everyday life - joy.