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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water heater in the kitchen is not a sentence .Hiding her kitchen and make a fantastic

apartment in Khrushchev differs a lot of inconvenience, but its main drawback - it is, of course, a small kitchen area, which is more cumbersome and gas water heater.In a six-meter kitchen with gas stove to feel comfortable are only 2 people, but what about the rest of the family ?!First of all, do not despair, because the designers have developed a lot of ideas that will help in the kitchen Khrushchev make the most convenient and versatile space.

Where and how to place a gas column in the kitchen

Many of these apartment owners scratching their heads over the question of how to accommodate a gas column in a small kitchen?So, we give a number of useful tips.

transform the interior of compact kitchen in Khrushchev, you can use a gas column of conspiracy under the hanging closet.In consequence of this hanging closet harmonize with the overall style of the room, furniture, etc.The basic nuances of the location of the column:

  1. follow basic fire safety requirements, the distance from
    the column wall to wall cabinet should be at least 3 cm;
  2. This cabinet must be created on the individual sizes to order and there should be plenty of openings for ventilation;
  3. Insulate the walls of the cabinet heat reflecting layer;
  4. Make sure you make a hole for the gas pipes and flutes in the overhead cabinet.

After these councils, you make sure that the design of the kitchen with a gas column can be perfect.

Creating a multi-functional work area

Small kitchen in hrushevke area of ​​6 meters, of course, does not give many opportunities for the location of a significant amount of furniture.Basically plate located on such kitchen, sink, refrigerator, that is, those items which are not difficult to do.Here are the basic tips on the location of the maximum amount of furniture and household appliances in the kitchen to Khrushchev:

  1. Replacing cumbersome plate on the hob.Who are a lot of models of plates - Transformers, folding options, etc.
  2. small microwave and a mini-oven solve other problems with the preparation of food in a small kitchen;
  3. Under the sink, you can easily put a small washing machine or dishwasher;
  4. Instead of bulky refrigerator, you can select a built-in horizontal model that looks fashionable, stylish, and most importantly do not take up much space, so is perfect for a small kitchen with a gas column;
  5. best to position the refrigerator in the hallway of the apartment;
  6. We prefer a folding table options;
  7. make sure the sill-table top - it is very profitable for the kitchens in the Khrushchev.Make of it regiment, which put a lot of household electrical appliances and utensils.It is also possible to arrange a table near the window sill.

Corner Khrushchev kitchen with a gas column

Kitchen Corner suites are ideal especially for kitchens with gas stove.Elements in a six-meter kitchen furniture is best positioned in the form of the letter P (not using only one wall) or T-shape (along two walls).

Photo Kitchen interior in Khrushchev 6, 7 sq.m. with a gas column

possible to achieve such an arrangement, using furniture made to order specifically for your kitchen.With this embodiment, the location of furniture, you can save a lot of space of this room.Kitchen design in hruschevke using kitchen sets, created according to your individual sizes, can be transformed beyond recognition.