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August 12, 2017 18:06

Black and red kitchen interior - photos .What color goes black and red kitchen

Red and Black.The passion and the fire is harmoniously balanced ebony color austere beauty - this is the kitchen in red-and-black palette.This delicious combination is uniquely necessary to taste the creative and active individuals, who are accustomed to the hectic life of the big city.For them, in the first place the work and business.

Kitchen red and black .Photo 1

Kitchen red and black.Photo 1

Red kitchen unlikely to fit fans of quiet family evenings, it is designed to fascinate and conquer.Black and red kitchen is perfect to spend a gala dinner or a romantic dinner by candlelight.

Red and black interior is full of expression and fire.To slightly prigasit this extravaganza of color often use third pastel shade.The best option is a gentle variation white: pearl, cream, beige, ivory.

Black and red kitchen .Photo 2

Black and red kitchen.Photo 2

This combination not only dull the aggressiveness of the red and black kitchen, but also visually increase the space of the kitchen, make him share the calm steadiness.Trio of red-black-beige m

ore pleasant to read and does not cause discomfort and depression.Pure white color is not recommended - it is too aggressive and official.

Another excellent partner for the black and red kitchen canbecome gray tone.Ideal emphasize creativity stylish kitchen can chrome and stainless steel elements.Exquisite complement become opaque or transparent glass and mirrored surfaces framed in aluminum.

Red and black kitchen design.Picture 3

Red and black kitchen design.Photo 3

combination of red and black self-sufficient and does not tolerate excesses of decorative elements.Are allowed only strict straight lines, simple shapes and concise outline.

The ceiling and walls of the kitchen in black and red color can be made lighter.To avoid clumsy in the kitchen design, better to choose wallpaper without pattern or use decorative plaster neutral tones.

floors can be designed in light or dark colors.Very interesting fit into the active color scheme of ceramic coatings "marble" or laminate, successfully simulating the rich texture of the wood.

energy Bright red and black can be a little "damp" with the help of light.Properly chosen lighting will bring an atmosphere of warmth, will add comfort.If you are not afraid to experiment, pick up a chandelier made of crystal.Glare and reflections, born on the faces of the crystals, will give a romantic mood.

Red and black kitchen interior .Picture 8

Red and black kitchen interior.Photo 8

Red and black kitchen - a choice of bold and confident people who are ready to take bright and imaginative solutions.

See 10 variants photo black and red kitchen.

Kitchen interior red and black.Photo 9

Kitchen interior red and black.Photo 9