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August 12, 2017 18:06

Rockery with their own hands .How to make rockeries in the country and area

Article Contents:

  • 1 Choose a location for the device rockeries
  • 2 Set stones and disembark plants
  • 3 Styles rockeries
  • 4 errors in the construction of rockeries
  • 5 a little more about the stones
  • 6 Care Rocard

Choose a location for the device from the rocks and plants rockeries

composition can be created in almost any area of ​​the site free of trees and shrubs, as large green spacesnot used in the design:

  • rockeries, do not place near the house, in the composition of the thaw can damage the layers of melting snow or ice blocks, tore off roofs;
  • does not matter if the rocky garden is located next to the fence, landscape, you can refine or wall climbing plants shrubs;
  • desirable to rockeries opened from any point of the garden, and in harmony with the landscape, spectacular flower garden near the equip ornamental ponds, streams, fountains;
  • a large area rocky garden is located near the recreation area.

Natural relief swings can beat talent, but even on a completely fla

t ground flower garden is spectacular and charming, if you put his creation on the soul, and pay special attention to the choice of plants.If part of the site is located in the shade, use plants that do not need much in the sunlight.

Set stones and disembark plants

instructions on the construction of rockeries create a plan for the future requires a flower garden and mark territory area.Cooking area planter:

  1. Remove the sod (10-15 cm), to provide sanitation sector.
  2. uproot weeds and roots.
  3. Cover the soil with geotextile to reduce the growth of weeds;
  4. Fall asleep gravel or brick chips, to create an original mosaic background.Top pour sand and rammed (see rockeries with their hands-step photos).
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Rockery own hands.Photo

for rockeries Plants are planted among natural rocks and boulders.Matched the spectacular rocks of various sizes, but one breed, and are installed in a specially dug grooves.Fixed with gravel and soil.The center of the composition is arranged from large boulders and most beautiful natural stones.Rockeries to create their own hands using the plant up to half a meter, which is well take root in the area.They are chosen so as to retain the beauty of the garden from spring to late autumn.First planted large plants, they sit down flowers and herbs.Ground cover sown at the end.After landing on the plant site spread decorative gravel and pebbles.

Photo rockeries own hands

Styles rockeries

there are a variety of stylistic solutions for creating rockeries in the global landscape design:

Japanese style distinguished by the abundance of stones in combination with a small amountcolorful flowers and ornamental plants.The popular stone is granite.This style offers a wild beauty of stone.Exotic landscape calms.It is crucial to create a harmonious composition.Where appropriate potted plants, Buddhist sculpture, tea tables, with songbirds cells.Use lights.The designer must have a refined taste and style feel.In Japanese garden there is a relaxation, you can meditate

English style - is your favorite British conservative coniferous evergreen plants that will delight you and your descendants.Used grasses, sagebrush decorative, flowers, foliage plants.It turns out a classic English landscape.

European style .It uses plants that are adapted to the weather conditions of the middle band.Unpretentious wild flowers alternate.Planted flowering perennials, small shrubs with colorful foliage.Create a rockeries with their hands in the country.You do not have to painstakingly take care of care of a rocky garden.

Alpine hill - is bulbous and coniferous plants living in the mountain areas of France, Switzerland, Italy.As the decorative elements used artificial waterfalls and springs.

There are other, no less interesting rockeries styles.But the principle of creating a single all.


Types rockeries:

You can create a temporary rockeries own hands.It is easy to arrange on a flat area or on a small hillside.In the middle zone is well acclimatized plants of low shrubs.Developing planting scheme, take into account the size of an adult bush with lush foliage.While small plants, make a temporary dumping and place small stones.When the shrub grows up, remove the old stones and place large boulders spectacular.

For stable device flowerbed need large stones and boulders.Handy beautiful small stones, which can be effectively grouped.Plants are planted in areas separated by rocks.This will keep the uncontrolled growth and not to destroy to create a composition.It is easy to look ha conifers, barberry, bloodroot, spirea.

Shifting rockeries better to arrange a small area.The basis of the composition make large showy plants.Each year, they can be implanting new flowers and ornamental grasses.

errors in the construction of rockeries

Rocky garden will not look impressive and harmoniously:

  • if its device is selected the wrong place, for example, near the fence, which you forgot to decorate creepers;
  • if used in the design elements that do not fit with each other and the surrounding landscape, a miniature garden on a large plot lost;
  • if the boulders and rocks scattered throughout the territory chaotic.
  1. create a central composition;
  2. figure out where to place each of the big boulders like pebbles small group to the overall picture pleasing to the eye;
  3. is not necessary to erect artificial borders.


Plants that are used in rockeries:

  • miniature conifers: dwarf cypress, juniper scrub, spherical arborvitae, spruce and pine dwarf species;
  • low bushes: bloodroot, spiraea, honeysuckle, barberry, Mahonia, cotoneaster;
  • undemanding perennial flowers and ornamental grasses;
  • bulbs and primroses: primroses, snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, muscari, cyclamen, iris;
  • various cereals;
  • saxifrage, sedum, arabis, young, phlox, rock rose, ornamental onion, moss.

little more about the stones

Natural stones for rockeries must be aesthetically appealing.They decorate the composition.For classical rockeries choose one breed.But a few do not lose the landscape, where two or three kinds of stones used, the harmony of color and form.Large boulders are fixed to the ground by one-third or even half.Looking after the plants, you will rely on them.After all the giants successfully placed, laid small stones, Gravel, gravel, crushed stone.Do not overdo it with stones, leave a space for the free growth of plants.


Care Rocard

How to care for Rocard to lovingly crafted landscape has retained its beauty? Rocky garden bed does not.To him pick plants that are resistant to local climate and do not require daily care.But from time to time, the garden should be watered with a hose with a spray or with a watering and fertilizing occasionally make.Soil spiked every few years.In winter, the plant is better to hide.Remove withered flowers and stems.If you become too dense planting, plants should be thinned out.Photo rockeries

Rockery own hands.Video