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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen wenge colors .What is wenge and how to choose a kitchen set wenge

  • features cuisines from material
  • wenge wenge kitchen decoration.Beautiful options for kitchens
  • Photo kitchens Wenge interior

Wenge Kitchen sets are very popular at the moment with the interior design in the kitchen.Kitchen in a modern style wenge can be presented in a variety of colors from beige to deep brown color scheme.

The design of the kitchen in wenge color.Photo 1

Kitchen Design wenge colors.Photo 1

No less popular now color "vanilla" and "bleached oak."Kitchens Wenge can differ not only in color but also in design, size.Design wenge kitchen belongs to the African style with ethnic features.Combines all models of kitchen sets wenge: elegance, unique style, sophistication, reliability and severity of forms.

by presenting assortment buyer can easily buy a high quality wenge kitchen that will fit his taste preferences and perfectly combined with the overall interior room.

Features of material Wenge kitchen

kitchen wenge name associated with the material production of the furniture, na

mely exotic wood called "Wenge".Homeland of the tree are considered the tropics of Africa.

Corner kitchen wenge .Photo 2

Corner kitchen wenge.Photo 2

Now there are more than 40 species of wood, which differ on the specifics of wood.The structure of the timber has a smooth or slightly embossed fibrous wood surface with a characteristic pattern.

Benefits wenge wood as a material for the production of kitchen furniture:

  • excellent physical and chemical properties;
  • High strength;
  • resistance to mechanical stress (bumps, bends, friction);
  • Resistance to fungi and insect attack;
  • Unique noble and luxurious appearance;
  • reliability and durability.

Exquisite appearance, this material looks great in any kitchen design.Discreet drawing, restrained colors in color wenge kitchen can give the room a certain luxury, combined with the simplicity and minimalism.

Kitchen Design orange with wenge .7 photos

Kitchen Design orange with wenge.Photo 7

Kitchen furniture created from real wood this tree has a high price, which is why designers have created materials under simulated Wenge, repeating the color and texture of wood, with which are more fuel-efficient models of kitchens.

Stylistic and color scheme of the interiors with the use of the kitchen in wenge color

color wenge able to fit into any home decor from classic to hi-tech.He can blend in with any otelochnymi materials, characteristic of different styles and designs.

Kitchen Design wenge and lime .Photo 15

color wenge Kitchen Design and lime.Photo 15

Wenge wood can be combined with marble items, glass, ivory, stone and metals of gold and silver colors, as well as various textiles in warm colors, thus it is possible to create a unique and luxurious design rooms.In general, wenge color due to the diversity and versatility allows design fantasies give way and create a unique interior design in the kitchen.

When making small and poorly lit kitchen is better to choose light colors wenge color as dark hues will be able to weight the furniture interior.

Kitchen Design wenge color and blue .Photo 23

color Kitchen Design wenge and blue.Photo 23

can diversify the interior kitchens, using kitchen sets in wenge style, and colors for the ceiling and walls to choose lighter and neutral.Kitchens Wenge can be combined perfectly with the objects warm and bright colors: beige, light brown, olive, white and gray shades.

Kitchen countertop wenge colors .photo 24

Kitchen countertop wenge colors.Photo 24

to spacious kitchen with enough light, you can use a combination of wenge kitchen with a color palette of rich colors: yellow, blue, red and orange, so as to create original and stylish interior.

Kitchens Wenge interior - Photo