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August 12, 2017 18:06

Frame house with his own hands .Step by step instructions ( + Projects )

Article Contents:

  • 1 draft picks: why you need a frame house?
  • 2 Pros frame houses
  • 3 version of the draft frame houses
  • 4 process of building a frame house: the main stages
    • 4.1 Step one: laying the foundation
    • 4.2 Step two: set waistrailand floor
    • 4.3 Step four: setting the overlap
    • 4.4 Step five: rafters and roof
    • 4.5 Step six: insulation
  • 5 Videos for the construction of a frame house
  • 6 framehouse options outdoor decoration
    • 6.1 Brick front
    • 6.2 Wooden cladding
    • 6.3 finishing siding
    • 6.4 Facing thermopanels
    • 6.5 technology "wet facade»
    • 6.6 Plastering
    • 6.7 Other finishes

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draft picks: why you need a frame house?

If you build a frame house with his own hands, then you first need to choose project.To select should identify the purpose of the house and other conditions.House for permanent residence should have somewhat different characteristics than a country house.Villa, which come in the summer, will be different in characteri

stics from the variant with a year-round stay.Of course, the house in which to live in the winter, or to visit them periodically, should differ best teplosohraneniem .

Another aspect of the selection of the project is the availability of energy .If there is no gas pipeline nearby, the most convenient and cheap heating option is excluded.For heating of large spaces with electricity requires reliable electrical network with a stable voltage.In small villages and towns often reduced voltage, and the network is not able to withstand considerable pressure.

All these features should be promptly examined to choose the optimal size and other characteristics of the project.

Pros frame houses

Thanks to modern technology frame houses in no way inferior to the traditional options of logs, concrete or brick.They possess the necessary level of durability and reliability, quite durable.

karkas_plotnikirf 15

Among the advantages of frame buildings should be noted rapid process of erection and relatively low cost process.

Furnish can be performed at any time of the year.All surfaces of the house obtained smooth, which significantly facilitates the process of finishing.

Since the building easy, then foundation for a frame house can be saved.The massive base is not required, you can choose simple in arrangement, easy options.

thermal conductivity of the walls in this type of low houses.This room warms up quickly even in the cold winter.In the summer of the same high insulation protects against excessive heat, preventing overheating.

To make a house fireproof brick, wooden elements are treated with special impregnation.Also, used materials with resistance to fire.

walls frame house permeable , which provides ventilation without an active heat loss.

version of the draft frame houses

consider several projects of a frame house.

first option has a living area of ​​10.72 square meters and a total area of ​​34.7 square meters.m. The house is one storey with a loft.Downstairs is a kitchen, which is combined with a hallway, a bathroom and a staircase leading to the attic.External dimensions house consists of six by four meters.

Project 6x4 frame house.Photo

second project has a total area of ​​44.35 square meters.m and residential area - 13.63 square meters.m. Its outer dimensions are six to five meters.The house has a kitchen, foyer area of ​​11.25 square meters.m, bathroom and attic.Upon entering the house there is a small porch with a roof which protects from rain.Paul first floor and attic insulated Knauf additional materials.Draft floor made of OSB.

Project 6x5 frame house with an attic.Photo

third project frame house has a living area of ​​37.24 sq.m. The total area is 72.7 square meters.m. The house has two floors.The ground is living.In addition there is a kitchen, living room and pantry.Instead, the pantry can be equipped by a bathroom.On the second floor there is a bathroom and a bedroom.Entrance to the bedroom is through the room, ie,it is passing.

project frame house 6x8 with loft.Photo

fourth project - one-story frame house with a loft, a length of 9 m, width - 6. The living area - 49.17 sq.m.The total area - 68.51 square meters.m. On the ground floor there is a large and a small room.The large is a staircase leading to the attic.In addition, on the first floor are a small living room, bathroom and kitchen.attic room occupies half the area, and the second half is a so-called "second light" over the large room of the first floor.

Ready frame house project 6x9 with loft.Photo

fifth project is a very small one-storey country house, living with an area of ​​9.95 square meters.m, total area - 16, 95 sq.m and dimensions of 5 by 4 meters.Planning is extremely simple home.Inside there is a kitchen, a small hallway and living room.

project frame house 5 x4.Photo storey house

sixth project - frame house with an attic.Living with an area of ​​49.53 square meters.m, and the total - 87.14 sq.m. The two rooms, hall, pantry and kitchen are on the first floor.The attic space is directly attic and another room.

project frame house 7 x8 with a loft.Photo

seventh project - a house with a living area of ​​46,46kv.m and the total - 86.05 sq.m. On the ground floor there is a living room, a spacious hall with a staircase, a kitchen and a bathroom.The attic also has a spacious hall, on the sides of which there are two rooms.

project frame house 6x9 with loft.Photo

eight projects submitted to the house with a living area of ​​56.22 sq.m, total area of ​​84.96 square meters.m. On the ground floor are the living room and another room, hallway, bathroom and kitchen.In the attic there is a hall, a small room and two relatively spacious.

Ready frame house project 6x9 with loft.Photo

process of building a frame house: the main stages

Step one: foundation

tab When selecting the foundation for a frame house should consider the geological features of the site.In most cases, chosen pile-rostverkovy option, also used pile and strip foundations.

pile-foundation rostverkovy used for the construction of a frame house, because it is reliable and relatively inexpensive.For arrangement often choose piles TISE with extended heel.Thanks to the pile heel better resists heave and have better load-bearing characteristics than conventional pile.

frame - house svkimirukami - 2-600h402

foundation for a frame house with his own hands.Photo

To fill the wells are drilled piles, which are inserted in the formwork of three layers of roofing material.You can use plastic or asbestos cement pipes of the desired diameter.Inside inserted valves associated triangle or square.

After pouring piles set formwork for pile cap.This is a concrete ribbon on the perimeter of the building.The formwork and reinforcement laid connect it, connecting with the reinforcement elements of the piles.

to then mount the tape strapping lumber, studs set at a distance of 1 - 2 m.They are required near the corners, at a distance of 30cm.The remaining set depending on the characteristics of the house.They should not be placed less than 2 meters and its walls should be at least two.

frame - house svkimirukami - 11

When ready pour concrete and close it polyethylene .It is required that the material does not dry out, and gaining strength.

Step two: set the sill and the floor

When building a frame house with your own hands, you will surely have to remember about waterproofing of the foundation.The upper surface is greased tape mastic asphalt, roofing material is laid or flashing.If this is not done, the wooden frame will pull moisture and rot.

frame - house svkimirukami s- 600h450

frame house with his own hands.Step by step photos

further construction of a frame house technology involves stacking Lezhnyov .This board thickness of 5 cm and a width of 15cm.The length is selected depending on the size of the foundation.In the right place at the boards drilled holes for studs.Is laid over the first row of the second overlap joints.Instead of two rows of boards can be used a number of beams, but it is more expensive and has a lower bearing capacity.frame - house svkimirukami - 4

strapping and lag

By Lezhnyov attached harness .Use a board of the same size, put on edge.It is aligned on the edge of the nail and big nails in increments of 40cm.

frame - house svkimirukami - 6-600h384

frame house with his own hands.Step by step photos

Laghi - such as boards, as well as used.Puts on the ridge across the basement and attached to the end trim.The distance between joists depends on the span.The more it is, the more frequently a lag.frame - house svkimirukami - 5 frame - house svkimirukami - 7-600h450

construction frame house technology.Photo

flooring and insulated floor

options scheme frame house floors can be different.Often, right after the basics of installation under the flooring laid insulation .Since, in this embodiment, insulated floor to sub-floor, that can only be used a high-density polystyrene .He is not afraid of moisture, which will go from the ground.

for laying insulation to the joists on both sides nailed cranial bars with the parties to 5cm.Styrofoam plates are cut with a hacksaw and placed between the joists in two layers with overlapping joints.The slots on the perimeter is filled with sealant.

frame - house svkimirukami - 8-600h450

lay on top of a heater subfloor .Boards put interleaved wave direction (see. Photo).Top layer of plywood planks close .

frame - house svkimirukami - I - 600h397

frame house with his own hands.Step by step instructions

can manage only a layer of plywood, but the material should not be less than 1.5 cm thick.The seams between sheets should not be the same.They should be a compensation gap of at least 3mm.

frame - house svkimirukami - 1-21

Krepjat screws plywood sheets.The wall mounting step should be 12cm, and inside - 40cm. frame - house svkimirukami - 111-600h226

Step three: build walls

There are two main circuits of assembly frame walls.First: frame walls is collected in a horizontal position.Sometimes attached sheets, and then raised.This method is convenient, but poorly implemented, when the frame house built with his own hands, without further assistance.Raising the wall hard.

frame - house svkimirukami - 17

second scheme: the assembly is carried out gradually, starting from the bottom and moving up. frame - house svkimirukami - 12-600h396

frame house with his own hands.Step by step instructions

installation racks: the step and the section

begins construction of the walls of a frame house with installation corner posts. Used timber with a section 150h150mm or 100x100.Intermediate rack made of timber with a rectangular cross-section: 50h150mm or 50h100mm.

When erecting walls of a frame house is important to choose the right distance between the uprights.It must match the load, as well as being convenient for the placement of insulation.If heaters are used in the mats, it is better to place the rack on the width of the mat.This will make the process of warming convenient and fast.

frame - house svkimirukami - 13-600h382

Racks mounted pegs, notching or corners.The most convenient and easy way - reinforced corners .Notching is also used, but is required to do in the bottom plate of the recess.

set Top bar top strapping, which is attached to the vertical supports.

frame - house svkimirukami - 15

Bracing: what is it and why do we need

With the construction of a frame house necessarily uprights strengthen braces. They align elements and maintain their stability.If the walls are sheathed with MDF with high strength materials.It uses temporary bracing.They are then removed.

frame - house svkimirukami - 14-600h450

When installing inlaid paneling, for example, lining is required to establish permanent elements.The best option is to use a rack on each of four pieces.

Creating a warm corner

If you build a frame house with his own hands, special attention should be paid to the corners.Usually in the corner it is a bar.For the middle band, this option is cold.It is required in addition to warm.Possible embodiments are shown in the diagrams.

frame - house svkimirukami - 23 frame - house svkimirukami - 22 frame - house svkimirukami - 24-600h437

Step Four: Setting the overlap

Further technology includes the construction of a frame house installation overlap.The beams rest on top of the harness and attached to her corners, support brackets or notching.

thickness overlapping elements depends on what exactly will be on top.If the attic is possible to use more subtle elements than the second residential floor.For the arrangement of the second floor to the ceiling make subfloor .

frame - house svkimirukami - 18

Step Five: rafters and roof

roof type is determined by the choice of the project frame house.This can be a standard pitched roof, attic or any other option.The roofing material is selected by weight.It should be easy to avoid creating an additional burden on the overlap.

Step Six: insulation

Insulation - a mandatory component of the walls of a frame house.The most commonly used basalt wool in the form of mats.If the mats are a couple of centimeters longer than the distance between the posts, they are well kept arching forces.Additionally, using special fasteners.

frame - house svkimirukami - 20

have rockwool many advantages: it has a high heat and sound insulation.However, sensitive to wetting, so be sure to require insulating materials .On the side of the street using hydro- and wind-shelter vapor-permeable membrane , and from the premises - vapor barrier membrane .

After installation of insulation, the internal finish frame house.

frame - house svkimirukami - 21-600h450

Videos for the construction of a frame house

Using video submission can clarify all unclear point for the construction of frame building.The detailed review of all aspects, starting with the laying of the foundation and finishing the interior decoration of a frame house.

frame house: exterior finish options

There are many options for exterior finish frame house.Depending on the material used, the house may look completely different.

Brick Front

frame house can be lined with brick.Between the wall and the surface of the masonry has to be wide span of three to five centimeters.This gap provides ventilation.If he does not leave, then the cold weather on the brick will collect moisture, which can damage and protecting the wall plate.

The outer - finish - frame - house - 3 The outer - finish - frame - house - 8

Exterior finish frame house brick.